Explorers journey

Have you ever desired to venture across the globe and beyond? If so, you need to take our advice from the following passage, as it is explanatory you understand the danger that lurks ahead and the vital items you shall need on your expedition.


Before, travelling through A glazed, what wave of arrows astonishingly flying and intertwining the trees.


 bears bombarding their prey ,which is why you need to be wary because it could be you its attacking using its customary ambush.


Chariots, which can be given credits for a ride, charging around the land if you are to ride on the chariot and happen to visit the lava pit of doom, if you see a volcanic- velociraptors in a doom volcano just leap to a nearby volcanic cruiser and ride it to safety


If you see  a lost explorer on a wild island make sure you look out for explosive-ogars ; pull out your bottle of tornados and your spell book create an electrical tornado to repel hostile creatures ; and beasts after that move next to the traps and if a trap shall release a emerald green gelatinous cube to chase you run and save the endangered explorer then escape.


Fellields, filled with fluorescent lights shimmering in the gloom of the dark sky, the dawn hiding the moon in the blanket of the azure blue diamonds shimmering and constructing a ruby red sun in broad daylight.


Hence, if you ever plan to venture the mystifying beyond, remember to travel with essential items and tools, being weary of the beasts lurking around. By using this advice you shall thrive in your next quest ans you shall have a successful trip. 


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