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In a dark:gloomy forest where sapphire trees grew,rained acid;lava and poison lived werewolves and minotaurs (which hunted for their prey).

One :orange:ooze rainy day,the inventer wolf was finally finished with his invention(a nuke),he planned on killing all the minotaures with it so the wolves can eat.

One night of the acid deposition,the founder of the nuke launched it and within 10 minutes until the nuke kills all the minotaurs.Meanwhile the wizard minotaur made a spell:spawning a nuke;launching it.Within 10 minutes,it would destroy all the wolves.

As the werewolves and the minotaur watched their nukes fly,it banged into each other causing a: explosion;burning the forest and burning their houses.

What happened to the werewolves and minotaur…

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