The land was engulfed with darkness with lightning bults crashing in the land with lights flickering in every house making people shiver.Then the lights turned off in an instant making everyone scream. But one person was super curious and that person was Coraline. She wondered why everything thats happened happening with no explaination and no one is talking about it. So she decided to go outside to explore the whole city to find out why. Just as she got outside,she felt imesnse heat and smelt the scent of fire.She darted towards where the scent was stronger but then she found something that made her tremble.It was a fire breathing dragon causing all the havoc in the city.Without thinking, she grabbed a bucket filled with water and splashed it on the dragon. The dragon which was angry created fire making everything burn. Coraline dashed out the city but before she could escape the dragon grabbed her.


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