Suspense Story

In New Zealand, there was a sailor named Adrian and he was known as the best sailor there,(he was also one of the bravest people there and New Zealand was known for having the best sailors.) Adrian was very used to going on ships and boats, even storms.Everyone thought nothing scared him, but secretly he had a huge fear that no one knew existed…

The thing he was scared of was the great Taniwha. A monster which would hide in seas,rivers lakes and oceans.It would eat, kill or even kidnap unwary sailors.Of course people thought it was fake and it was just a myth but since no one had ever seen it, Adrian was unsure.He didn’t want to loose his name as “The bravest person in New Zealand” and since he didn’t he never showed his fear of the Tawinah.

One pitch black night, Adrian was told to go sailing and deliver a package from the King.It would be a long journey and many people warned him that there will be a huge storm and he should be ready.  “Be careful you never know if your ship will go down!” Don’t worry about me I will be fine and the HMNZS Aotearoa never let me down.” The town people cheered him on as he climbed onto his new ship.The travel was long and there was no time for any breaks.The more he sailed the more he forgot about his fear.But this didn’t last for long after the second night the sky stayed as dark as ink.The sky didn’t have a single star.At first Adrian didn’t worry but as the sky something hit him.One of the town people whispered to him “When the sky is as black as ink look at the sea, feel the boat shake, you are the best sailor but can you out sail this ship?” Adrian got goosebumps.With fear, he looked into the sea all the sea creatures had spread out into the far ends except one long, red scale.(The whole creature was red but it had a huge scale in the centre) Suddenly, the whole ship started to shake.He fell back and was holding on the edge of the boat trying not to fall into the never ending sea.He screamed and shouted but of course no one heard (he stared at the dark sea and mumbled to himself) With all of his strength, Adrian hauled himself up and made his way to the centre of the shaking ship.Not after long, Adrian felt the ship lowering itself into the sea.The only thing that came into his mind was “What can i do now?” He was trapped in the middle of no where, he was alone and as much as he wanted to believe there was no way out.What could he do………

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