Tayyab Haunted House

Hardly daring to breathe, Mustafa walked into the amusement park. At that moment he heard a noise he quietly went to investigate and he found multiple dinosaurs roaring and growling. Horrified, Mustafa ran to the nearest ride to hide. He Quietly, Found a flash light he turned it on. Shivering, he made a noise he shared his location to the monsters. He ran as fast as he could barely escaping. He loocked behind him and saw mud smothering under the frozen snow, he slipped rolling to the street sign knocking him out in the process. After he regained consciousness he turned around and found extraordinary snow melt faster then a heart beat. Something was of.


At that moment, of time an unknown figure scuttled to the dark shadows of an abandoned house. Everybody held their breath as someone shook and faded away. The clouds dribbled showing the moons rays Thunder cried Shaking the flow of time an anonymous sound appeared ; there was a hunt the search began. Mustafa saw multiple shadows form faster then the flow of time he suddenly bega to freeze frozen shards began to fall. Mustafa reacted his look was shivering, the ice began to melt Mustafa was releived.










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