The gateway near the town walls where built many, many years ago. And it circled a lots of famous shops. At each checkpoint there where a magical portal with  mythical purple flames round the side that took you to 3 places which are the Curics world, the world of magic! And my 2nd favourite the clown world where all the spooky people go, Through the years the magic portal DISSEPARED! And no one knew why? So only one more portal stood! At the first checkpoint in the north east facing the old alleyways, Dave and the cheetah started to make their way.


The sun was going down slowly each step they took. Dave was petrified, the cheetahs hip started to bleed! She was limping and walking a lot slower. We took a rest and hid in the shadows.


When they got up they started to approach the magical portal! Dave started to hear gun shots and loud screams getting closer: they were spotted! Hopping forwards, The cheetah started limping closer to the portal. Firey flames surrounding the portal a metal arch around it and red carpets lead up to it. Dave followed the cheetah from behind, A bright shimmering light was shining out the portal, it looked very magical!


But at that minute, 8 guards started to approach and took guns out and put the bullets in, the cheetah looks shattered but turned and faced the guards big and strong she gave them a nasty growl. Dave Shaked in fear. The cheetah was his best friend and felt like his family. Her eyes where worth a million pounds: the guards where very shocked,


“it’s my time to go” She said quietly, facing Dave they both turned their heads facing the magical portal on the other side, its wasn’t the red carpets leading up to it or the fiery flames surrounding it but it was a special place with thousands of magic and mythical creatures living inside it. This journey brought them to together and Dave met his forever best friend. The cheetah spoke “I will never forget about you and we will meet again” Dave was very emotional as she jumped her way down the carpets.


… She leapt into her home, Skipping and leaping down the road of happiness, the  stars where as bright as her smile. The worlds we have, blend forever like a true friend ship… and joy, she started to disrepair into Gilli try sparks that turned into small hearts. Sadly… she was gone.


Dave turned his head, shocked on what he seen, the guard where gone they ran away in fear as fast as lighting. As he walked home. Shiny pink lights stood over him. It was a very sunny bright morning, the wind and snow where melted away and he could hear peaceful music from afar.


The cheetah will always be in his heart- everywhere he goes , Inside his mind. Dave felt happy she was finally home but he also felt bigger and stronger. He started to get closer to the checkpoint, not daring to look at anyone at all, they waved him through. Everything started to change 




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