Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Sunny knew something about a gateway to a magical portal; he had a feeling his family was there.


They were walking down the alley way hoping to find something Izzy asked “do you know what this portal looks like?” Sunny replied “I think so because a gateway should be in front of the portal” Izzy said  “Ok!” In a sharp voice,  and then the jaguars dropped in shock Izzy said” what’s wrong?” Until her jaw dropped in shock they were both gazing at the gateway they both just stood there looking like statues.


Then sunny looked a bit closer and found a guard in front of the gateway they both did not know what to do or if they should go up and ask to get pass they did not know if he was a mean guard or a nice guard, they both thought he was a mean guard since he had a grumpy face, until a colossal shadow stood beside the other guard, he looked very irritated the jaguar looked at Izzy and Izzy looked back.


They both took a step back and when they turned around they saw 20 Guards; lurking towards them they both had fear in their eyes they just stood there until sunny growled at the guards and the guards took a step back and Sunny went closer in pretending he was going to attack and all the guards ran in terror.


The portal was like a huge purple blue swirl inside it was like a jungle universe only where jaguars are allowed where they would not get bothered and just rome free all day and not worry about anything or anyone with a hole stock of food and water and if it ever ran out it would just restock since it magical. 




Know the portal was all to themselves and Sunny could go in any time but Izzy had a  thought in her head like would she ever see the jaguar again? The jaguar handed Izzy a bracelet saying “If you ever miss me just rub it” Izzy said “I will thank you” with a tear in her eye.


Sunny leaped into the portal while Izzy waved goodbye with the bracelet in her hand rubbing it, Izzy walked home thinking about the jaguar The End

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