John knew what the gateway was, it was the abandoned subway in Troon, John and the Lion heard some of  the guards coming after them so they hid under a wee hole,  and John explained why he thought the gateway was the abandoned subway, he said ” the subway was working in 1814 but then one of the passenger  saw a gate appear and a ghost fixing him in one angle, and then he saw another one, and then he just left the subway, but as soon as he left he was never seen again.” 



As the sun was setting John and the Lion thought it would be the perfect time to stop hiding, as soon as they left they froze a second because John saw a shadow, 2 shadows with a knife and a gun. They slowly started to back away but the Lion stepped on a tin of sardines, and that’s where the guards heard it so they were after them.



The guards heard another person scream so the guards went running, but John and the Lion was wondering what happened, but any way they ran to the gateway and waited. The Gateway was gold and so shiny and shimmering.



30 minutes later the gateway opened with a loud  SCREECH . But 5 minutes guards appear but John could not see them because the light glow it was so bright it was like you were right beside a star glowing.


” It is time, ” the Lion said the guards were shocked at what they saw and heard  so they slowly moved back, John said ” I will miss you I hope you will return” ” I will return once I am healed. ” the Lion said. The Lion hopped into the gateway and then she was gone. John was relieved that she went back safely, John have lots of options like: the abandoned  wall and etc. He went to sleep right next were the Lion left,  he was dreaming that the Lion was right next to him and he woke up seeing the Lion through the portal ; the Lion dreamed on.



But as soon as he left the subway, everyone was applauding him, things were starting to change.

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