chapter 4

As they advanced towards the gateway , Bob heard distant shouts from the darkness. They had been found,but how he didn’t know but him and the creature needed to escape.

Staying low [so they didn’t get spooted] Bob and the creature ran to a alley way where the gateway was. His heart bouncing as steps drew nearer and nearer by every split second.

A mighty stone arch light on fire stood there as it had many years ago. He  didn’t know how it was still standing but what he did know is he needed to get the creature through.

Bob, who’s heart was racing in many different feelings,waited for the wolf to come nearer and nearer. The wolf limped towards the gateway and theyboth peered through.

A firery light, which was like liquid rainbow, flowed on the other side . It dampend, as it split into many stars of light; darkness seeped in and then it became a universe of pixy stars.

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