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Serpent by Noah


As they advanced the ancient gateway. Roberto turned to find out it was the robbers from the abattoir. They knew they had been hiding. Staying low behind the serpent. He could hear the robbers approaching. He looked forward to see a modern arch embedded in the wall with a withered metal gate in the middle. Roberto, who could now see through the gate, waited for the serpent. Behind the gate lay a river of flames that burned high with golden embers hovering above. Then the sky’s darkened as the river shattered into millions of sparkling fireflies; There were millions of universes that appeared when the fireflies popped into dust.


chapter 4

As they advanced towards the gateway , Bob heard distant shouts from the darkness. They had been found,but how he didn’t know but him and the creature needed to escape.

Staying low [so they didn’t get spooted] Bob and the creature ran to a alley way where the gateway was. His heart bouncing as steps drew nearer and nearer by every split second.

A mighty stone arch light on fire stood there as it had many years ago. He  didn’t know how it was still standing but what he did know is he needed to get the creature through.

Bob, who’s heart was racing in many different feelings,waited for the wolf to come nearer and nearer. The wolf limped towards the gateway and theyboth peered through.

A firery light, which was like liquid rainbow, flowed on the other side . It dampend, as it split into many stars of light; darkness seeped in and then it became a universe of pixy stars.

The gateway

Advancing towards the ancient gateway, Evan heard distant taps. They were coming closer. Retreating down, the scared horse sighed and crept towards it.

A marble arch, covered in vines of nature, pointed around a mighty steel gateway. Evan, whose heart was about to explode, panted and looked through the gateway. A beaming light, like a heavens lantern, glowed on the other side.

The once blinding white turned into a universe filled with colour; it was endless, infinite.


Outside a flash of lightning appeared it scared Jordan as u tugged his coat tight. As the grey fog wrapped around the buildings they slowly disappear from sight

Inside the run down factory the pungent smell of death thick in the air a gluiness soup

Surrounded by broken windows Jordan whispered hello is anyone here? He heard a thump.

Jordan ran scared suddenly his dismay he glimpsed a black shadowy figure in the far corner

. Big as a lion with jagged sharp teeth the strange figure rose menacingly from its hiding place.

Swallowing in fright Jordan attempted to hide. The big lion slowly walked to chase him while Jordan hide. But the lion saw him he slowly put his hand out and say please don’t hurt me but the lion just walked away Jordan was confused he thought he would of got bitten Jordan just want back home

The next day   Jordan woke up and went back to see if the lion was there but he was no there Jordan said were is the lion then he went to look everywhere but no lion 1 hour later he couldn’t find the lion.


All there was left was blood its footprints.

Cobra by Dylan h

Outside a flash of lighting flew by Jorden hugged his coat he was scared he was in this strange place he had always hated the old chop house. The crooked old freezers stood tall above him he opened one of the freezers and rotten flesh fell on him now he stank he was so annoyed he let his curiosity take over so he walked off with a shadow following him. Then suddenly he heard a hissing coming from the vents. Jordan shouted “Hello is anyone there.” He heard no reply Jordan ran. Suddenly a cobra came slithering towards him. He then tried to run but he was at a dead end. Then the snake suddenly said “don’t run I won’t hurt you.” Jordan did not know what to do. Would you if a snake started talking to you. Well Jordan trusted it. One hour later they were at the dump.


Cobra by Noah



Outside, a flash of lightning appeared in the stormy sky and a heavy gust of wind blew past Roberto and made him shiver and cuddle up into his coat. He decided to take cover in an abandoned factory. The air inside the factory smelled like rotten meat. Hooks lay on the floor and as he looked around he realised that he was in an abattoir. The broken ac blew armies of cold winds towards him and as he went to touch the ac a pig’s carcass fell from the ceiling and landed with a crunch. After a while of exploring he came across a freezer and as he opened it a body tumbled out. It looked to be a worker who had frozen to death.” Why would he be in here.” Said Roberto. To his surprised there was a rattle in the vents and when he looked up a massive cobra fell out the vents. Its fangs were covered in blood, it’s body was covered in armoured scales and it had a terrifying hiss. As it got closer he could feel the warm breath on his face. There was one final hiss.


Stormed-chapter 2

Out of nowhere, a black shadow leapt after her. The person chased Lillie round a corner where she was trapped: her only escape was the abandoned building. She had been warned about this place and told never to enter, but entering might be her only choice. A rush of wind ran past Lillie’s back sending a chill down her spine. She rushed in.


Inside, it was just as she had imagined. Dark, eerie shadows lurked in every crack. Lillie tried to hide but there was no hope. Rushing up the creaky stairs, she entered the last room, it was full of boxes. Everything looked ancient. Egyptian tombs, Romans armor, King henry’s portraits. Why was all this here?


The person jumped round the door, his knife flashing by the light of the moon. Suddenly, a loud roar came from behind Lillie, followed by a black shadow. A matted tail brushed past her leg worrying her. Lightning streaked past the window, showing a fire-like red mane. The creature roared again but this time louder, shaking the whole house. The person ran away, slashing the creatures side as he went. At that moment, the creature fell to the floor, howling in pain. What was this thing?


Lillie ran over to the creature to check if it was ok. “What are you” she whispered. To her surprise, the creature replied, “I’m the last of the lions. My family died last month so I’ve learnt to stand up for myself.”


Suddenly she heard a crack…


Chapter 2

The creeping fog seeped into every crack on every brick, swirls of grey wrapping around the buildings and street lights.

The corroding metal of the cages of the old zoo, animal bones everywere, then the ground rumbled, and a ferocious rawr could be heard from a mile away, then he hid in an old in an old cage. All of a sudden, there was a shadow of a great animal with blood dripping down its teeth teeth and it crept up to him. it was too hard to see because it was in a shadows bit had glowing red eyes. Too his shock it was a two headed snow leopard.

He was so scared he fainted, ten minutes later he awoke in a locked cage then the beast talked him and said it was on the run from hunters and needed a place to hide. He said he knows where to go. The next day, they arrived at an abandoned skyscraper, they hoped they were   finally alone.

chapter 2


the glimmering fog crept down the dead alleyways and roads. The street lights beaming through the fog. The abandoned houses falling apart.

He opened the rusty door and walked on the rotting floor boards which were cracking under his feet.  In the abandoned butchers, the smell of dead carcasses lingered in the air. Iron hooks with blood stains on them hung on the walls, he hesitated to go in as he looked further through the window. A dead pig hanging from one of the iron hooks he had heard myths about the place but he knew if he wanted shelter he had no choice!


As he walked further through the building it got darker, a crunching sound came from in front of him. He hesitated to go any further, then a shadow fell over his face as something walked out of the dark. He was in shock at that moment I had never seen something like that as it came closer a giant leopard came up to me and in shock it said something. He had nether seen something like this before he said he said we need to hide he asked why and the magical leopard said you don’t need to know we need to hide. Three hours later they had found a place to hide.


They settled down in an abandoned house near were they found each over he said why do you need to hide the leopard said nothing but you could tell the leopard was scared so they hid.

Chapter 2

Outside, gloomy fog swept through every crack in the crumbling brick wall, taking over its environment. It covered the concrete, every building and streetlight- a relentless blanket trying to smother its wearer.

Inside, the old and abandoned butchers, the smell of rot and a forgotten past polluted the surrounding air.

Broken and uneven windows threw irrelevant patterns over the worn concrete floor, whilst menacing iron hooks hung the roof, reminding Evan of the places past self as an abattoir.

To his shock, a black figure emerged. What was it? Was it more lethal than death, or sweeter than cereal? Evan shivered. A hard Shiver. Then, it drew closer with every beat of Evan’s heart. Sea blue eyes appeared, staring at him. The creature then revealed itself. A beautiful, white horse. “Who are you?” mumbled the creature curiously. Evan was shocked. A horse? A talking horse? “Evan” he reluctantly answered.

Looking around it’s environment, the horse seemed curious. Evan didn’t realise for a long time, that the creature was wounded. They answered each other’s questions before searching for a hiding spot.