Cobra by Noah



Outside, a flash of lightning appeared in the stormy sky and a heavy gust of wind blew past Roberto and made him shiver and cuddle up into his coat. He decided to take cover in an abandoned factory. The air inside the factory smelled like rotten meat. Hooks lay on the floor and as he looked around he realised that he was in an abattoir. The broken ac blew armies of cold winds towards him and as he went to touch the ac a pig’s carcass fell from the ceiling and landed with a crunch. After a while of exploring he came across a freezer and as he opened it a body tumbled out. It looked to be a worker who had frozen to death.” Why would he be in here.” Said Roberto. To his surprised there was a rattle in the vents and when he looked up a massive cobra fell out the vents. Its fangs were covered in blood, it’s body was covered in armoured scales and it had a terrifying hiss. As it got closer he could feel the warm breath on his face. There was one final hiss.


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