chapter 2


the glimmering fog crept down the dead alleyways and roads. The street lights beaming through the fog. The abandoned houses falling apart.

He opened the rusty door and walked on the rotting floor boards which were cracking under his feet.  In the abandoned butchers, the smell of dead carcasses lingered in the air. Iron hooks with blood stains on them hung on the walls, he hesitated to go in as he looked further through the window. A dead pig hanging from one of the iron hooks he had heard myths about the place but he knew if he wanted shelter he had no choice!


As he walked further through the building it got darker, a crunching sound came from in front of him. He hesitated to go any further, then a shadow fell over his face as something walked out of the dark. He was in shock at that moment I had never seen something like that as it came closer a giant leopard came up to me and in shock it said something. He had nether seen something like this before he said he said we need to hide he asked why and the magical leopard said you don’t need to know we need to hide. Three hours later they had found a place to hide.


They settled down in an abandoned house near were they found each over he said why do you need to hide the leopard said nothing but you could tell the leopard was scared so they hid.

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