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Have you ever been on the fastest ride? Are you in need of haven a holiday? Then come to Alton towers we have the cleanest rooms ever.There are no queues anywhere.You can just go straight into where you need to go.If you want all of this come to Alton towers right now if you do you will have the best time of your life.

You will love the food and sweets we have here if you don’t come you will miss out on the amazing rides.

Here there are no bad things, only good things like the rooms are always clean. All the best rides and the sweets are the best sweets you will ever taste in your life.

This is what a mum and daughter said when they came here: me and my daughter went to Alton towers for her birthday and we had excellent service all of the workers were so nice.

The rides here are:

Rita that is fun and quick
Smiler that is so fun but also long
Wicker man has a lot of tunnels you go through and you can see so much on it

You won’t believe this in our sweet shop you can get all of it and get 50% off. Everybody can get 70% off on the food.

Someone told us that we should name it the amazing Alton towers because we are the best place ever.

We have the best breakfast and we also have a big pool you can go in whenever you want. You do have to be quick to get your breakfast because we don’t keep the breakfast bit open for that long.

If you want to come visit our website at https:/.www.alton towers//com. We are open at 2 o’clock till 6 o’clock for the sweet shop and 24 hours for the hotel pool and rides.

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