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 Made from,

  •  a unicorn horn,
  •  cotton, 
  • star dust
  •  animal friendly materials!


 Some of our customers have said ” I LOVE THIS PRODUCT” , ” this product is so good for adventures!” This item is helpful, a necessity and amazing. every time you purchase a pair of spring shoes, you get FREE SWEETS! Come quick or else you will miss out on the spring shoes. Find us at super springy shoes OPEN 9AM-5PM. 


These shoes are called spring shoes because when you jump it automatically connects to the springs and it makes you jump 3x higher! These shoes can be used for fun, for adventures or even when your lost in a maze so you can see where you are going. At super springy shoes you can get more than just shoes you can get, t-shirts, jeans, leggings and the best thing is that it all is our merch!


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