the crystal cove

The crystal cove.


Are you in need of a miraculous broomstick?  if so come to the crystal cove. At unbelievable cheap prices made from the finest materials. Be prepared for  anything that happens. Order now on the ogres eye.


Even you can be fantastic. 


Our are made by the finest items like.

  • Dragons scale
  • Salamander’s tale
  • Unicorns horn
  • Cyclops eye 
  • Giant mushroom


Harry potter- these broomsticks are so flexible and comfortable I will be coming back here later. You can also buy potions and quidditch balls.


10 years guarantee on your first broomstick you get free. These broomsticks are bountifully beautifully crafted.


You can find us on cove water street 4 or the ogres eye.

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