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Visit tips and blades today.


Do you want the highest quality of swords? Are you in need of a new blade? We have the best swords, the best spells for the swords and the highest quality metal. If you want all of that come visit Tips and Blades today.


You don’t want to be the only one, all your friends are coming so why don’t you. You need to pop into our shop.


 All about the shop:

  • We are on the high-street( easily accessible)
  • We provide the highest quality leather case, so your sword                       gets home safely.


Even sir Jackie Chan said” I use the blades in all my stunts, even in the biggest of movies.” Surely it can’t get better than that… it does! Our swords are as sharp as bullets; handles as comfy as a fluffy cushion and cases like a Rolls-Royce interior.We also have amazing offers:

  • Spend 125+ and skip the queue for no extra fee.
  • Buy 2 items and get another( of your choice) for free.
  • 20% off on all handles.


All of our swords are amazing; the sabre steel sword is the best of them. Why be worried about intruders when your custom sword will keep you safe for eternity.


All products come with:


  • A polisher
  • A keychain
  • A branded bag




When you buy a larger item- or more than three swords- we provide our bullet fast service, tracking is free and we email constant updates.


Before all purchases for swords, the blades go through thorough cleaning, not a piece of dust will touch your blade.


Cull us at 07924-6927-1769, visit our online website at www.Tips, or see us in store at 69 high-street.


We can’t wait to see you soon! 


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