My Tyger recreation

Chapter 1

It was a rainy February morning. The rain splashed on the ground, making the pavements of Gloucester slippery. It was gloomy but every corner Dan looked at was just pitch black. All he could hear was rats scuttling from box to box.

The rain fell harder, so Dan pulled his ski jacket tighter to his body. He put this head down and hurried on to the checkpoint.


Dan clenched his fists and held tightly to his package. It was his first time going to the other side of Gloucester. He didn’t know anyone there except for the Man who had asked for the box.

He was shivering with fear, but then he saw the checkpoint. He thought the guards would be nice but they were quite the opposite, the guard stomped his foot hard and brashly shouted.

“Next, give me your pass young man, what is your reason for going this way? Nervously he replied “I’ delivering a package, the guard passed back the pass and impatiently waved Dan of.


A moment later, Dan was looking around with curiosity, wondering what it would be like to live in this city. Slowly, shiny black cars drove past him, he could hear no scuttling of rats running around.

But then he thought, how is this fair? We get all the rats but they get none, we get rundown houses and street lights that don’t work. But they get the best of everything. Then he remembered what his parents said, “keep down, don’t let anyone see you, just deliver the package”.

Suddenly a foot tripped him up, he went and picked up his stuff but as soon as he got up he got tossed in to a pitch-black all way. Dan looked up and saw a mysterious shadow with a massive grin.


As soon as Dan got up he ran as fast as he could. But then he saw a dead end. He hid under a dumpster. No matter how bad the smell was he stayed quiet. The mysterious man looked everywhere. How could Dan get past he had nowhere to run?

Dan was terrified. As the man lifted the lid to the dumpster. Dan pushed with all his might, surprising him and he fell backwards, Dan ran and he didn’t look back.

He saw a window and a door. He went for the window. But it was closed. He grabbed a pole and swung as hard as he could eventually, the grim glass shattered. Carefully, he climbed through and hid in the dark room.


Chapter 2

Outside, fog covered buildings like darkness. Then a rumble came from within the fog. Dan saw the gloomy clouds above. Inside, Dan sneakily crept past the window he went through, wondering where he hide until the man went away. Dan could see beaten up furniture, gloomy windows  and pictures cut into tiny squares with massive spider webs. To his disbelief, there was nowhere to hide. He saw barracked windows blocking the sunlight but he had a metal bat. He swung and broke a different glass window. Then he jumped in immediately.

…But as soon the attacker found Dan he heard a high-pitch whistle. Then as he looked up a bird and back scratched his face. But as soon as the man ran off the bird’s yellow beak and its brown body followed him until he ran off. The yellow eyes, the brown feathers. The golden yellow beak and the shimmering clawed feet. With the wings spread out, the bald eagle petrified Dan and the attacker. But as soon as Dan was petrified. The bald eagle didn’t hurt him he only went for the attacker. But as soon as Dan could see the bald eagle he could see a tiny gunshot wound.

Suddenly, the bald eagle spoke but he sounded a bit angry. But he asked “do you want to help me find the gateway.” Adam didn’t now what to say because it was his first-time herring an animal. Adam said yes. Because he saved him from being mugged. The bald eagle looked happy and excited. But Adam said we need to get somewhere safe so you don’t get hurt. Whilst Adam and the bald eagle walked for 20 minutes. Adam found a massive tree that the bald eagle could hide in. Adam pointed it out to the bald eagle and he thought that would be a good place because the branches are too high up to climb.

Chapter 3

As Dan woke up, the bald eagle kept on sleeping. Dan could hear bells ringing everywhere. Dan looked through a window and he saw boys ringing every door bell they could see. Then they ran off immediately as they heard an old door creek open. Dan chucked him self back onto his bed then he heard a twig snap. He looked through the window again then he saw the bald eagle looking for food. He thought the boys would come back and do it all again.

Without warning, Dan saw a guard. The bald eagle saw shoes. He looked up and he flew over a building and back into Dan’s bedroom. They held their breath even the air did it to. They peered through the window they saw the guard with a torch so they hid behind the corner of the window. Dan and the bald eagle took one tiny peek and the torch blazed but the light nearly caught their faces. Dan was wondering why is there a guard looking around and what did he want. Dan didn’t now why he was here or what he wanted. Dan wanted to take one more peek but resisted the urge. He didn’t want to get caught so he stayed and waited.

The bald eagle said to Adam, “we should tell each other what our names are” Adam was happy he finally got to know what the bald eagles name was. Adam said his name first. “Now it is you no”, said Adam with excitement. The bald eagle said his name, “Syphon.” But before Adam could talk Syphon said, “I am from a different universe so we need to find the gateway.” Dan didn’t now what it was but he suggested Brunel’s SS Great Britain. Dan thought that if he left his parents they would be sad but he has to get Syphon back home. He said we must go to Great Western Dockyard but they had to get past the guard.


Chapter 4

Dan and Syphon, were getting closer and closer and closer to the gateway. They were both excited but they had to get past the guards. Luckily one of them went away. Dan distracted the guard and they both ran. As the guard’s back was turned, they got onto one the ship but when they got in they saw the marble and silver gateway stood proud and tall with shimmering silver.

Syphon remembered how to get the gateway open. Syphon opened the gateway but they heard foot steps. Suddenly they saw guards surrounding them. They all had guns so Syphon flew up into the air distracting all of them. Adam suddenly lunged and he punched one of the guards and they all turned to Adam pointing their guns at him. But Syphon and Adam eventually got them all. But Syphon had to go so they both said farewells and they both went on their way back home.

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