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Chapter one

I was a sunny spring morning and there was not a single cloud in the sky. kids were playing excitedly in the local pool in Baylands. Suddenly, shadows disappeared and clouds covered the sky, like north and south pullintg each-other together.

Maxine felt her happiness suddenly turn into slight anxiety. She walked to her quad bike, revved the engine and rode off. She got out of the field and headed back to her house, to find out what was going on. Unexpectedly, a draft of wind picked up, which eventually became rain with a slight bit of thunder.

She drove towards the pavement grabbed the fish and walked over to the guard. “Next,” he shouted strictly.

“Hello,” said Maxine, “Just coming to deliver the fish to the people.” Thankfully, the guard let her pass.

If only she was like the other kids going to school, if only she could play at the weekend, if only she could have some roller-blades and go to the park on weekends to play with the other kids. The normal kids.

As Maxine walked passed, a man bumped into her and said, “Hey there little girl, come follow me into the alleyway, I want to show you something.”

“Ok” said Maxine nervously. The man took her into the ally, but then, he grabbed a silenced revolver and demanded that she had to give him all of her money. Without hesistation, she ran out of the alleyway and towards one of abandoned buildings.

Unfortunatley, Maxine’s escape is stopped by a massive bulldozer parked across the entrance to the yard. There is no way she will be able to climb this hulk of a vehicle. Suddenly, she ducked down and crawled underneath.

Chapter 2

Around her, thunder crackled and lightning struck the earth. Coming from underneat the bulldozer, Maxine ran into one of the abandoned buildings. Dust from old breeze blocks and cut timber filled the room. To her horror she saw that the man was close to her and was about to find her. And then… she was found.

The man came over to her holding the silenced revolver. Without warning, a roar louder than thunder struck the air, Maxine froze, she could hear her heart beating louder than the ferocious roar. The deep red eyes glimmered in the darkness and by this point the thief was long gone. Suddenly, the deep red eyes leapt out of the darkness to reveal a huge lioness.

The lioness led down and rested her head on the ground, Maxine spotted red streams of liquid dripping down from the lioness’s side onto the cobbled ground. She was hurt.

Then she spoke in a helpless voice, “Help please.” Maxine’s jaw dropped, she was confused that the beast could speak. Maxine agreed to help the injured creature. “I am fury by the way,” moaned the beast. After and anxious walk they arrived at a field in Baylands. That is where Maxine and Fury would meet up in the future.

Chapter 3

Maxine woke with a start; Fury slept on. Suddenly, Maxine heard the crack of a slim twig so she looked up; there where soldiers. “Fury, Fury!” desperatley whispered Maxine, shaking the lioness. There was no luck so Maxine hid behind the beast, praying that the soldiers wouldn’t discover her and the Lioness.

Then the footsteps came to a hault. The only noise was the sound of Maxine’s heavy breaths. “We know your hear!” shouted one of the soldiers. Fortunately, there was a fence (just about big enough) to protect Maxine from the soldiers discovery of her and Fury. “There is a gateway, leading me to my world.” whispered Fury. Maxine’s jaw dropped. “It is located at the track,” said Fry.

Maxine remembered he Mam and Paps saying to be home by seven and by now the soldiers had left but it was 18:30. She went with Fury anyway. Maxine and Fury went past gardens, went past front doors, past the church and finally, after walking for what felt like forever, they arrived.

Chapter 4

The desserted fields (where dogs were forbidden) glimmered under the bright sun. They walked through the sludge, towards the arch to send Fury home. The sun was as bright as lava. Maxine (who was amazed by the brightness of the sun) was steps away from the gateway.

Tungsten gates held Maxine and Fury to a halt, it was now nearlly impossible to get through. Maxine could still see the blood dripping from Fury’s side. A bright light shone from beyond the gateway; on the other side there where meadows waiting to be roamed, forest ready to be searched and caves ready to be homes.

Suddenly, they were stopped by evil guards. One of the guards grabbed a gun and shot but luckily it missed Fury. Fury pounced at the guard that tried to shoot her and roared viciously but thankfully they all ran away after that.

“It is time,” stated Fury turning to Maxine.

“T…T…Time for what.” asked Maxine.

When it is time for you to come to infinity with me, I will come and get you

Before she knew it Fury was gone.

After all of the trauma the night before, everything has been different becuase commoners and foreigners were working together to rebuild there connection with pure life. Maxine’s Mam and Paps sent her to a new SCHOOL!

50 Years later

Chapter 73,900+ Infinity Symbol Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock | Infinity, Infinity symbol vector, Infinity sign

“Hello,” came a voice in the distance, but it wasn’t any normal voice it was Fury. “It is time for you to come with me to infinity,” said Fury and then Maxine and Fury floated slowly into the distance with a very surprised crowd.

My Tyger recreation

Chapter 1

It was a rainy February morning. The rain splashed on the ground, making the pavements of Gloucester slippery. It was gloomy but every corner Dan looked at was just pitch black. All he could hear was rats scuttling from box to box.

The rain fell harder, so Dan pulled his ski jacket tighter to his body. He put this head down and hurried on to the checkpoint.


Dan clenched his fists and held tightly to his package. It was his first time going to the other side of Gloucester. He didn’t know anyone there except for the Man who had asked for the box.

He was shivering with fear, but then he saw the checkpoint. He thought the guards would be nice but they were quite the opposite, the guard stomped his foot hard and brashly shouted.

“Next, give me your pass young man, what is your reason for going this way? Nervously he replied “I’ delivering a package, the guard passed back the pass and impatiently waved Dan of.


A moment later, Dan was looking around with curiosity, wondering what it would be like to live in this city. Slowly, shiny black cars drove past him, he could hear no scuttling of rats running around.

But then he thought, how is this fair? We get all the rats but they get none, we get rundown houses and street lights that don’t work. But they get the best of everything. Then he remembered what his parents said, “keep down, don’t let anyone see you, just deliver the package”.

Suddenly a foot tripped him up, he went and picked up his stuff but as soon as he got up he got tossed in to a pitch-black all way. Dan looked up and saw a mysterious shadow with a massive grin.


As soon as Dan got up he ran as fast as he could. But then he saw a dead end. He hid under a dumpster. No matter how bad the smell was he stayed quiet. The mysterious man looked everywhere. How could Dan get past he had nowhere to run?

Dan was terrified. As the man lifted the lid to the dumpster. Dan pushed with all his might, surprising him and he fell backwards, Dan ran and he didn’t look back.

He saw a window and a door. He went for the window. But it was closed. He grabbed a pole and swung as hard as he could eventually, the grim glass shattered. Carefully, he climbed through and hid in the dark room.


Chapter 2

Outside, fog covered buildings like darkness. Then a rumble came from within the fog. Dan saw the gloomy clouds above. Inside, Dan sneakily crept past the window he went through, wondering where he hide until the man went away. Dan could see beaten up furniture, gloomy windows  and pictures cut into tiny squares with massive spider webs. To his disbelief, there was nowhere to hide. He saw barracked windows blocking the sunlight but he had a metal bat. He swung and broke a different glass window. Then he jumped in immediately.

…But as soon the attacker found Dan he heard a high-pitch whistle. Then as he looked up a bird and back scratched his face. But as soon as the man ran off the bird’s yellow beak and its brown body followed him until he ran off. The yellow eyes, the brown feathers. The golden yellow beak and the shimmering clawed feet. With the wings spread out, the bald eagle petrified Dan and the attacker. But as soon as Dan was petrified. The bald eagle didn’t hurt him he only went for the attacker. But as soon as Dan could see the bald eagle he could see a tiny gunshot wound.

Suddenly, the bald eagle spoke but he sounded a bit angry. But he asked “do you want to help me find the gateway.” Adam didn’t now what to say because it was his first-time herring an animal. Adam said yes. Because he saved him from being mugged. The bald eagle looked happy and excited. But Adam said we need to get somewhere safe so you don’t get hurt. Whilst Adam and the bald eagle walked for 20 minutes. Adam found a massive tree that the bald eagle could hide in. Adam pointed it out to the bald eagle and he thought that would be a good place because the branches are too high up to climb.

Chapter 3

As Dan woke up, the bald eagle kept on sleeping. Dan could hear bells ringing everywhere. Dan looked through a window and he saw boys ringing every door bell they could see. Then they ran off immediately as they heard an old door creek open. Dan chucked him self back onto his bed then he heard a twig snap. He looked through the window again then he saw the bald eagle looking for food. He thought the boys would come back and do it all again.

Without warning, Dan saw a guard. The bald eagle saw shoes. He looked up and he flew over a building and back into Dan’s bedroom. They held their breath even the air did it to. They peered through the window they saw the guard with a torch so they hid behind the corner of the window. Dan and the bald eagle took one tiny peek and the torch blazed but the light nearly caught their faces. Dan was wondering why is there a guard looking around and what did he want. Dan didn’t now why he was here or what he wanted. Dan wanted to take one more peek but resisted the urge. He didn’t want to get caught so he stayed and waited.

The bald eagle said to Adam, “we should tell each other what our names are” Adam was happy he finally got to know what the bald eagles name was. Adam said his name first. “Now it is you no”, said Adam with excitement. The bald eagle said his name, “Syphon.” But before Adam could talk Syphon said, “I am from a different universe so we need to find the gateway.” Dan didn’t now what it was but he suggested Brunel’s SS Great Britain. Dan thought that if he left his parents they would be sad but he has to get Syphon back home. He said we must go to Great Western Dockyard but they had to get past the guard.


Chapter 4

Dan and Syphon, were getting closer and closer and closer to the gateway. They were both excited but they had to get past the guards. Luckily one of them went away. Dan distracted the guard and they both ran. As the guard’s back was turned, they got onto one the ship but when they got in they saw the marble and silver gateway stood proud and tall with shimmering silver.

Syphon remembered how to get the gateway open. Syphon opened the gateway but they heard foot steps. Suddenly they saw guards surrounding them. They all had guns so Syphon flew up into the air distracting all of them. Adam suddenly lunged and he punched one of the guards and they all turned to Adam pointing their guns at him. But Syphon and Adam eventually got them all. But Syphon had to go so they both said farewells and they both went on their way back home.

Snake Hippo

Snake hippo

Chapter 1

It was a bitter foggy January night, as water dripped from the gutters of Berkeley school and the streets were as silent as a mouse. Street lights flickered, as snow started to fall on the ground.  Shadows of soldiers, guarding the ghetto, moved quickly in the glint of the light.


Tyson Jackson ignored the cold. He stared at the border, hoping to get through with his Greek armour delivery. It weighed a lot and he was struggling to hold on to it.


He approached the horrible black, thick titanium wall which usually scared him but today it did not. He walked up to it, feeling confident as he stood in the queue. People were turned away by the greedy soldiers. He needed to get through this time: his Dad needed the money to help his family live.


” Next,” shouted the guard.

“I am doing a delivery for my dad,” exclaimed Tyson

“Get here,” snapped the soldier and Tyson started to edge forward as slow as a snail. “Hurry up your filthy animal,” shouted the guard as he punched Tyson in the arm and threw him and his package through the door to get out of the ghetto.



Tyson picked up his stuff and slowly trudged down the streets dripping with water. Everything was different on this side: Flash cars roamed the streets, people wore nice new clothes; and buildings casted shadows over other houses. There was no litter on the road and it looked like heaven.


Tyson was struggling to keep in his anger. It was not fair that they had this. They were humans but they were still treated differently. If only he lived in this area. If only he had this. But they were treated differently because of the colour of their skin.


Something was not right.  Suddenly, a man ran into him and pulled Tyson into the darkness.



“Give me that now,” shouted a man, holding a sniper rifle.

“Get off me you fat filthy animal,” shouted Tyson kicking him in the shins, trying to scramble free.

He tried to grab the man’s gun but it was too hard.  He struggled to run away from the him because all of his nerves were weighing him down. He skidded into an alley but found another man with a gun.


There was no way out. He was surrounded. He tried to think what to do but his mind went blank.  The muggers were closing in and there was nowhere to go. Then he saw a faint window smudged with dust. Without thinking, he jumped into the window and it shattered and he fell into the other side.


Chapter 2

Outside, rain battered houses as thick fog clung to the flickering light of the lamp posts. Inside, Tyson watched leaves glide around as a tree filled the space of the abandon building, hoping he could hide there. Old rocks were scattered across the floor, broken machinery was piled high and   smashed TVs were ripped to pieces and forgotten. To his terror, he could go nowhere, only the way he came. Tyson was trapped.


Behind him the two muggers shot a window and began to climb into the building. The threat was near. Without warning, a hiss deeper than a growl, exploded into the air like a siren in the night. Out of nowhere, yellow eyes appeared, and began to sliver to the muggers with a deep hiss that echoed through the room. It was as long as the room and it began to sliver back to Tyson. He was petrified, because he could not run like the muggers, and he was standing next to an adult snake with a hippo face.


What was this thing? The snake like hippo knelt by his legs, like he was the leader, a slice of red was smudged on to the black silky scales. Red trickled down his side as fast a stream of blood. He sat by Tyson, trying to get help.


Then he spoke. A voice, sharper than a knife scraping across a rock, echoed through the building. “I need your help, “hissed the snake. “We are not safe here.” Tyson nodded. He wanted to help this creature because he was beautiful. He would do anything to save this snake’s life. The snake began to sliver to the window and Tyson happily followed. After anxious walk, they found the place. It was cold and damp next to Berkeley power station. Rumours said that ghosts ruled the power station because it was abandoned. They found a spot in the building and the snake fell asleep as soon as he closed his eyes.


Chapter 3

Tyson woke with a start; the snake was still asleep. Outside loud sharp voices snapped at people. Spying through a gap, he could see tough men with TNT trying to break in the power station. Tyson shook the snake, trying to get him awake. He lay awake on the floor trying to get up. Loud voices snapped commands; the snake hissed; Tyson’s heart, skipped a beat. Crawling across the damp floor, Tyson and the snake silently ducked under a broken desk. Pulling some cold liner over their heads. Without warning, the TNT exploded, causing the wall to collapse and something slipped in. Shadows loomed across the floor, and started to   destroy things, with loud crashes. Silence flooded the room, even the sound of footsteps was lost. Torches blurred the room, footsteps echoed, and guns glinted in the torch light. The search began. Risking a look, Tyson spied large ragged shadows cast darkness over the room. He felt as cold as an icicle a could barely move. Goosebumps flooded Tyson’s body and he was petrified. He could here footsteps next to him and he had to stay still. ‘He had to do it,’ thought Tyson, he had to get out of here.


It seemed like hours until the guards left. It was night and probably the best time to help the Snake. But first he needed to know   what was happening.

“Snake,” said Tyson “what are we doing and what is your real name?”

“We have to get to the gateway to get to my home world so I can stop being hunted for eternity,” hissed the snake “and my name is Leo Valdez.” “The gateway is marked one of the oldest structures here,” Hissed Leo


Tyson knew where it was. Berkeley castle was one of the oldest places in Berkeley. Maybe it was in the arch at the front door because it was quite old. But the castle was massive and they can’t just poke around in there. Anxiously he checked Leo’s cut. Red still blurred across his scales. Could the snake make it to the castle?

Tyson knew his family would be scared, but he had to help Leo get to the castle to get to his home. They weaved between checkpoint and dodged soldiers and finally after a long walk they made it to Berkeley castle.


Chapter 4

The castle walls -which had stood strong through centuries- towered the dark sunset, casting colossal shadows over roads. There were 3 roads that led out of Berkeley   and Tyson knew all of the ways. One led to the A38, one led back to the ghetto and the one they had to go, was the one to the castle. Over the years, the arch at the top of the gateway started to crumble, every time losing a bit of power.


As the stars hung in the sky, the only movement in the street was Leo and Tyson slowly making progress. Tyson -who was beginning to worry- looked at Leo’s cut, which still bled. He was moving so slowly now, it would had been quicker for Tyson to carry him.

As they approached the ornate gateway, Tyson heard barking of blood hounds. The threat was closing in. They were being watched. Slivering slowly, the nimble snake slivered up to the majestic gateway . The golden gateway glimmered like moving salt water. Its ruby handle   shimmered as possibilities hung in the air around it, like a barrier of magic. Tyson -who waited with nerves- watched Leo edge forward slowly, ready to go through. Beyond the gateway, glittering fires lit up the world with radiant glows. Stars hung low in the sky like the space was falling down. Then the sky dimmed: fire danced on the spot; fireflies clung to the air; and the river of light exploded into stars that hung in the jet-black sky.


Suddenly, guard and blood hound shot out of the hedge. Quickly, Tyson slipped his full body amour from his back pack. Grabbing his sword out of his belt, Tyson and Leo emerged from the gateway destroying everything is their path; Slashing blood hounds, destroying soldiers and making them back away. Leo let out an almighty moan. So did Tyson. The guard were stunned.


“It’s time my friend,” he spoke, and together they turned around and faced the golden gateway.

The fires shot radiant glows through the sky and up above, stars gleamed brightly in the jet-black sky. Fireflies hovered in the flickering light of the fire. Then -with one almighty hop- he was gone, slivering through the field of light and into infinity.  Exploding into golden dust, he slowly hovered into the sky. Then he was nowhere to be seen. Tyson was miserable. He already missed him.

Then he watched the golden gateway close and all he could see was Berkeley castle.

Tyson was almost blinded by the light. And when he turned the corner, the sun was blazing in the sky, with no clouds to be seen. It was beautiful. He turned away from Berkeley castle and slowly trudged back to the ghetto. The guards -who had run in fear- left the guns, and some blood hound blood still remained on the floor.


On the way back, Tyson noticed some things that were different. Wild garlic started to grow on the road sides and at the ghetto there were no guards to be seen. He slowly walked in and he knew Leo would be with him.

The wolf


Chapter 1


It was a depressing day in December. Snow fell like tears coming from the sky. Berkeley’s houses didn’t make a sound.  From outside lights were all turned off so it felt that the were abandoned.


Willow sighed, hoping that winter would go more quickly than it was going right now. She walked towards the checkpoint, as the guard gave her an evil stare.


She could see that they were making sure she wouldn’t sneak and get past. Willow hoped she would be able to get this done as quick as possible. Bravely, she walked straight to the guard as now it seemed everyone was staring at her.


“Quick, I don’t have all day,” growled the guard snatching it off her without her even getting a chance to reply. “Where are you off to?” questioned the guard.

“I’m delivering this parcel.” replied Willow trying to be as polite as possible as much as she didn’t want to be.

Then the guard shrugged, thought for a second and then shooed her away. But the people who realised Willow got through weren’t happy and definitely didn’t agree. Though Willow was relieved that she eventually got through.


Walking, streets were filled with happy people, kids and adults. Though Willow could tell people were staring at her a bit, she decided to ignore it. Curious, she saw shops and gazed at the never-ending red carpets with not even a spec of mud on it. People were wearing fancy clothes that Willow would have dreamed to have.


Willow thought for a second, how could this be fair? Why was our world like this? Then, strictly spoken words echoed in her head, printed in her brain. Don’t answer any questions, keep your head down and remember you are not and will never be one of them.


All of a sudden, Willow felt dizzy. Footsteps thudded, and before she could run, hands gripped onto her. The stranger smiled but not the smile you would think of.


The woman made sure the coast was clear. Was this it… the end of everything? With the tight space that she had, she searched for an escape. The woman snatched the bag off Willow. Though she didn’t even notice because she was too busy searching for an escape.

“Thank you!” said the woman sarcastically.

“Give it back.” cried Willow.

In sight there was a ladder, leading to a roof. Then on the main road. This was the perfect escape.

“What’s that?” questioned Willow.

As the woman turned her head, Willow climbed up the ladder and as quick as she could go, walked on top of the roof. Then, she removed the ladder so the woman couldn’t come up as well. As she was still carrying the ladder she put it across the next shop as there was a small gap. As she was running though, she could still hear the woman shouting saying,

“I will get you one day!”  screaming with all her anger.


CHAPTER 2    Amara


Outside, rain let its anger as lightning struck as houses lights flickered like the place was haunted. Inside, Willow weaved in and out of random items trying to see the perfect spot to hide in. Willow could barely see a thing, a dark room surrounded her as she felt she was being beating up because it kept tripping her up. To her horror, she saw the lady at the door with a harsh smirk on her face. She had to hide.  She knew there was no way out.


… but suddenly a big shadow appeared with a growl as it felt every house shook, hard rain drops dropped angry on the ground. Out of the darkness, teeth smiled as the tongue licked its teeth nearly two times as Willow. Dark blue eyes were now staring into her soul. The animal scrapped the sharp claws onto the floor ripping the carpet. It was when Willow realised a wolf was stood near her side.


To her surprise, the wolf rested the head down. Though this didn’t seem like a tired animal, it was more a hurt one.  She knew that she was being called for help. What was she going to do?


It was then he spoke. A anxious, serious voice. Which tried to sound calm. Willow looked back at the wolf, nodding because she agreed. She would do anything for this creature. She was determined to.
” Come on, we need to get out of here as soon as we can because they are looking for you.”
Later that evening, after a long anxious walk. They found a place that no one goes in because their people say the place is haunted as lights always flicker. They knew they could be safe. They both trusted each other. To Willows surprise, the wolf curled up. Willow never took her eye off him.




Chapter 3



Willow woke up with a start; the wolf didn’t move. From outside she could hear, horse’s feet clicking, dogs barking which sounded close, guards shouting. Between the door there was a tiny gap just enough to be able to look through. Willow could see the dogs coming towards the door. She gave the wolf a small nudge.


At that moment, the door creaked. Someone was here. A shadow appeared in sight. Then everything went quiet. Everything was silent as they waited until the guards left though they weren’t sure that would happen. A flood of torches appeared. Several times the light flashed on them but they were not caught. Both of them didn’t move once. Looking through the door crack, she knew they weren’t giving up. They were at the other side of the door. A shiver ran down her spine. She cuddled the wolf as the wolf leant on her. It calmed her a bit, though her heart was pounding and she could feel the wolf’s as well. Was this it? They would wait until they were gone. She knew she had to escape for the wolf and herself.


Eventually, the guards had gone. In the dark, they sat there. Thinking all about what happened. Willow and the wolf would need to go before it was morning and they came back. The wolf and willow looked at each other slowly blinking. As they talked away for endless hours, the wolf told her about a gateway.


Willow knew exactly where to hide, the home of religion. She noticed the wolf was bleeding he had scratched himself because it was a tight space. Will they make it in time to get to the gateway?


Willows parents would be worried. Though that was the least important thing to think of so she didn’t think about it too much. It was time to start their adventure to the gateway. They didn’t have to much time until the streets were going to be filled again.

Chapter 4



The church building (which had been there for centuries) guarded the people in Berkeley. Coming out of the church, the gateway was standing proudly.


The rain followed every foot step that they took.


Coming closer to the gateway, whispers were crawling towards them. It wasn’t just them. Dragging towards the gateway, Willow noticed the wolf was more hurt than she thought. Her eyes were focused on the gateway.  Diamonds covered the gateway, reflections were seen. Willow could hear it saying to enter. Willow let the wolf lead the way, trying to hold in her excitement. On the other side, what was rare became common as a water fountain calmly drifted. It darkened; never ending streams of stars came; everything was silent except from the sound of water drifting down.

Not long after, a few guards appeared and threatened Willow and the wolf. The wolf, turning around to see what was happening, stood with Willow, guarding her new friend. The wolf, let out a growl, Willow screamed out all of her emotions following the wolf’s actions. The guards took an anxious step back. Then ran.


“It is time” she told Willow, the wolf faced towards the gateway, Willow did the same. On the other side, it was nearly the opposite. Not a road but fields of flowers. It was like summer every day. “Thank you for everything, I will return when I’m ready, maybe one day it’ll be your turn” Spoke the wolf. Before Willow could she leaped into a whole new world. This was the start of the wolf’s adventure. His body exploded into millions of pieces that turned into stars into the shape of the wolf’s body. Straight after that, she was gone.


Willow stood there, taking everything that had just happened. She stood still. Very still. She felt lonely.  She would have even felt a bit better if the guards were there. Thunder struck, at that time she felt as angry as the thunder. She was still stood and stayed like that the whole night.


As sad as Willow was, she knew the wolf wasn’t actually with her. However, he was; he was with her everywhere racing next to her. Willow would never forget this friend. Living back at home now, things had changed.















Isabella SWW Chapters 1-4 Phoenix


Chapter 1

It was a frosted evening in early December. Verglas smothered the lampposts, strangling the paint. ​The feather-light snow drifted down, settling on the banisters of the stairs leading to the pavement. Unforgiving frost laid itself upon the roof panels. The last autumn leaves were swept away by the broom-like wind, hypnotising it with its eerie whistle. Few residents of the houses along the road were collecting water to help their pipes flow. The gurgling of the sluggishly flowing pipes sounded like the whispers of the wind.


Florence Fenice pulled her khaki parka closer around her as she trudged through the cobbled streets of Kynance Mews. The snowflakes whisked at her face as she sauntered towards the turning into Gale’s Cornwall Gardens.



Turning left, Florence hesitantly made her way towards the checkpoint where a sturdily built soldier stood. The pastries, which were in a box in her arms, jumbled about. Stood at the checkpoint, were a family, similar to hers: two children and two adults. The youngest child was fighting the other as their parents argued with the soldier. ‘Sir and Ma’am, not everyone is allowed through to the rest of London. You know the drill.’ The children stopped playing. ‘As for your children, they cannot go to school. I am not allowing you to go through.’. He refused to elaborate and ushered his hand towards the northern half of London.


‘Little girl, you’re next!’ bellowed the stocky soldier, signalling at Florence with his cadaverous index finger.

‘Good day, sir,’ Florence responded, keeping her chin to her chest, ‘I’m taking these croissants and bread to a customer for my parents.’

‘Let me take a gander,’ snarled the guard, looking ravenous for a sweet pastry.

‘Which route are you taking?’ asked the soldier, eyeing Florence in an abstruse manner. ​

After a moment’s consideration, the soldier piloted his hand past the checkpoint. Florence was relieved and exhaled.


It was staggering. Florence inhaled and looked around. She couldn’t comprehend as to why her parents wouldn’t allow her or her sister to ever get past the checkpoint. Although her sister had been there before, she was not allowed back. The populaces ambled as if it was the norm. It was far from the norm for Florence. Stout, moss covered stone towers impended over Florence.

Here the streets were different. Very different. There were motor cars; Florence had never seen those before. There were telephone boxes; she hadn’t seen those either. Florence had imagined life on the other side of the checkpoint, but never like this.

Rats were not scampering through the bins like they had done in the ghetto. She craved to live on the other side of London. Where the sun shone, the birds twittered and the citizens were extravagant with their money.


Florence strained to keep her tears locked away. They burned, sweltering and turbulent against the callous, immobilising air of London. This wasn’t fair; why were the foreigners not allowed on the other side? Why weren’t they allowed to live like the other Londoners? That was when she remembered her parents’ words, ‘keep your head down, don’t make eye contact and don’t talk to strangers.’ When they were younger and every time her parents repeated this saying to each other before making a delivery, Florence and her sister would giggle at each other, not knowing how important this saying would be to them later on in life.

That was when a hand reached for the hood of her parka and another trapped her words in a cage. She was pulled into an alley. There was no-where to run to.


Soon after, Florence found herself in a dark corridor. The alley cats prowled around her as if she was in a circus. “That’s mine now,” the prosperous figure, which could barely be made out by Florence, spat. Florence winced as a shower of saliva sprinkled over her face. She wiped her forearm over her eyes. A window, alongside one that was bricked up, caught her attention. “And give me everything you own!” he continued, reaching out for the parcel. Florence jerked her hands back. The pastries rattled in the box. “Excuse you? This package is mine!” She thrust her fist forward and into his stomach. He cringed and staggered backwards, groaning and cursing under his breath. Florence ran.


She ran towards the window and jumped.


Chapter 2

Outside, the sugar-like snowflakes lay, engulfing the mist as Florence felt the sleet nestle in her untamed hair and the wind cackled and teased the trees. From where she was stood, Florence could see a small area, sort of like a bunker where she could hide in case the muscly man conjured up enough energy to chase her. Florence made her way to the area, but, as she looked left, she could see multiple rusty screws and a hammer. As she looked to the right, it was more a monstrosity: broken glass, rotten rafters and what seemed like flesh and blood-smothered feathers. Alongside them were bottles of old milk, sour smelling and foul. To her disbelief, there was nowhere to shelter, nowhere to hide. She could hear the footsteps of the man following her, his laugh, one that no-one could forget. Florence could see his expounding figure, holding a knife which was glittering as the sharp edge snarled at Florence. There was nowhere to hide.

…but at that moment, Florence heard a high-pitched, shrilling noise not far behind her, which echoed throughout the alley, grabbing at Florence’s ears and tearing through the earth. What Florence saw next was nothing compared to what she had imagined. Out of the darkness, Florence emerged and witnessed a ruby coloured beast.
A bird. A phoenix. It was otherworldly. The cardinal bird stared with its onyx eyes and raised it wings, the left one struggling. Florence felt her heart slowly float up towards her throat as the phoenix crept closer, its curved talons scraping the tarmac.

The phoenix contracted her wings and Florence sighed. Her heart sunk down to where it was supposed to be. Florence could see the wound, a simple **** encrusted with soaked feathers and small clumps of mud. Florence watched as the phoenix nestled its head under its left wing.

It was then that she spoke. The Phoenix spoke with a powerful voice containing the rubble from the essence of the waves, “I need help from you,” stated the Phoenix, trying to avoid stumbling into Florence.

Florence stared the Phoenix in the eye, questioning whether this was real or if she was imagining this creature. She urgently wanted to help the Phoenix. “We need to leave. Now. They are after me.” Florence could and would do anything and everything for the phoenix. No matter how long it took.

Ten minutes later, and after a walk to Little Venice, Florence and the phoenix passed multicoloured house boats and gondolas. It was a pretty calm day as many residents were dancing and cooking in their house boats. Florence had heard rumours of drowned sailors near Little Venice, but a few years ago, she had seen the posters of missing sailors around the area. They settled down near a bench and the phoenix perched on the back rest and laid its head on Florence.


Chapter 3

Florence lurched upwards; the phoenix rustled her feathers. From nearby, Florence could hear the slapping footsteps of the follower’s sandals and a shrill, but worn, voice. The man had brought an acquaintance with him. They were making their way through the brush. Florence shovelled up the Phoenix with her hands and ran towards the abandoned house behind the bench. The phoenix woke with a start. As they entered the house, Florence hid behind the grandfather clock and hid the phoenix behind the couch. The phoenix looked up at Florence with a mischievous look glowering in her eyes. A piercing shriek demolished the air; voices called out; Florence sighed, considering whether it was a logical idea to take this creature with her.


Shuffling towards the phoenix, Florence put her index finger to her lips hoping the followers hadn’t heard it, and hoping that the phoenix was educated enough (although she was a mystical creature) to understand what her signal meant.


Then Florence heard the key in the front door jingle. She could see a penumbra in front of the door. There were two silhouettes standing there. Quietude echoed throughout the house; the followers were listening. The light in the kitchen flickered on as the fan began to whir. Whoever was in the house, either lived there or were the followers. Threatening a brave glance, Florence held her breath as she witnessed one of the followers walk past her.  The door was still open and a rush of crisp, breezy air erupted into the kitchen. Raising her shoulders and trying to regulate her breath, Florence shuffled over to the phoenix behind the couch and crouched down. She thought to herself, ‘I feared this would happen. We just have to wait this out until the time comes to escape.’


It seemed like a lifetime until the followers finally left. In that time, Florence had gone from crouching on her knees to lead down and stroking the phoenix. The door rattled closed as the shutters on the door clicked against each other. The phoenix spoke in a hushed voice, “Florence, I need to reach the gateway. A gateway back to the world I came from. It is rather ancient and many royal weddings and coronations have happened here”.


Florence had a suspicion that the gateway was in or near an ancient cathedral in London which she had visited when her family had been looking for a place to stay. As Phoenix told Florence the clues, she could see the gash on her shoulder. The blood had dried up and turned into a wound. She looked more awake. She looked healed. Could they make it to the gateway? It was a lengthy walk, and Florence didn’t know how long she could tolerate a squawking bird. To satisfy her hunger, Florence handed Phoenix a pastry from the box. She expertly tore it apart and ate it.

Florence figured that she would be severely punished if she was out too late.  But she wanted to help Phoenix, so desperately. So, they slipped alongside the canal, careful not to fall in, and made their way to Westminster Abbey. They were now on their way to find the gateway. Although Phoenix was sat on Florence’s shoulder, the moon and the stars accompanied them.


Chapter 4

Tower Bridge (which aided the travellers along their journey and had stood inherent in the Thames) guided Florence and Phoenix to Westmynster Abbey. There were 25 ways out of London, and Florence knew all of them. In recent years, the buildings had become modernised, with new structures taking place. It was in this direction that Florence and Phoenix needed to take.


The silver sixpence in the sky glimmered down at Florence and Phoenix as if it was a torchlight in the darkness. Florence, inhaling and exhaling shakily, had to advance at an unhurried pace due to her obstructive wound . Every now and again, Phoenix paused to rest herself.


As Florence and Phoenix impended on the primal gateway, Florence could barely make out the sharp, hollow sound of the horses’ hooves.

Mr Méchanceté and his guards had followed them. Luckily, they weren’t seen.

Shambling forwards, Phoenix rustled her wings as she made her way towards the gateway. A stone arch housed the robust wooden door buckled with locks and bolts. The steel bars above the door locked away the secrets of the church, of unknown stories.
Florence, anxious but grateful for her time with her new friend, stood rooted to the ground, curious to see where Phoenix would come to be.

Through the door, it seemed as though it was a normal forest, but to immortals, it was the way to another world. There were no other creatures, no birds, no animals; just space.


And there it was again. The sharp, hollow sound of horses’ hooves. A moment later there they were. Mr Méchanceté and his guards. Florence, who could see the rivers of anger flowing through Phoenix’s eyes. Florence felt it. Phoenix. As Phoenix screeched to intimidate the guards. They wavered.


“I must leave now. Take care and bless you. Thank you for being my friend.” She turned to Florence. “I’m heading to infinity and I’ll see you soon and I will return when I have healed.” They stood in silence for a few second before Florence said, “I’ll miss you, Phoenix,” she replied,  looking up at the night sky. The gateway seemed to warp, to rip at the seams, to tear apart and make way for Phoenix. She tensed her claws and spread her wings.


She leapt from the ground, calling out to Florence. She soared through the forest, her shriek echoing throughout. Her body floated through, entering her own world… she was gone.


Florence spun around, bewildered as to what she had just seen. No one would believe her if she told them. She exhaled and decided to make her way back home, still forlorn that her friend had left.


When she finally arrived home, her family were still asleep, but it was morning, clear as day and the snow had cleared from the ground.

Florence knew Phoenix would always be with her. Even though she wasn’t there in person, she would be deep in Florence’s imagination.

Previously, there had been a checkpoint that connected the ghetto and the city where the foreigners weren’t allowed. Now, there wasn’t even a checkpoint; just a wooden sign reading “Welcome to upper London” in poorly painted letters. Florence had never known London to be as nice as it was now.




Many years later, when Florence was a lot older, she went back to see if Phoenix had returned yet. To her surprise, Phoenix was stood there, majestically opening her wings, presumably waiting for Florence. They embraced each other, Florence crying and Phoenix wrapping her now healed wings around Florence’s back. Outside Westmynster Abbey, Florence loped across the lawns, Phoenix mounting the air above her, letting the breeze flow freely through her healed wings.



Ewan SWW chapters 1-4 bear

Chapter 1

It was a bitter December night. Snow glided down from the star scattered sky. A singular light cast a small shadow against the abandoned toy shop which creeped along the wall like a crab. The rain started to pat the rusted pillars of Gloucester Quays.


Jacob ignored all of the harsh weather and looked straight ahead. He clenched his frozen fists, like a newborn kitten, to have a bit of warmth. He walked cautiously towards the checkpoint trembling with fear. The aggressive wind forced the doors open with a crash following after. He looked back, making sure someone wasn’t following.


He saw the emotionless guard forcing a family away at gun point. He was up next. Trying to look big, he took a leap, hopeful he could get past and not be turned away like last time. It’s drilled into his head. In the distance he could hear kids who were hysterical with laughter. He could see it the checkpoint was in front of him insulting the family’s getting turned away.


“Come on then, I have a family to see,” shouted the guard, beckoning Jacob forward. “Why do you need to get through to the other side?” he rubbed his hands menacingly. Jacob flinched.

“I just need to make a few deliveries for my dad’s shop.” The guard held out a gloved hand, gesturing for his pass. Jacob was so envious looking at the silky, perfect glove, but he kept it all down. The pass was a flat piece of paper in pristine condition. He looked at him, then abruptly waved him through. Jacob politely said “thank you very much”. He walked through the door and was met with a wave of warmth unlike the ghetto if you ever went in you shivers would hit you like a gun shot.


A few seconds later it got crowded, and even though it was night, it was like it was the middle of the day people dressed in suits and dresses. He walked through, there were building towered high as the sky. It was a stunning sight marble road smothered the town and black cars drove on the clean roads. But he was still ignored by everyone. He wanted to be seen by everyone. Every time he came here the same thing had happened. He wished his father could see but he wasn’t coming back – not after what happened to mama. Jacob pushed through the crowd of people to get the delivery trying to block out all the bad memories.


He wished he couldn’t be a foreigner for the rest of his life so he could see the rest of Gloucester. His family would be by his side and all of the foreigners live outside the ghetto. If only all foreigners could live here. If only they could see what it’s like to live in the ghetto. His dad’s words shook him “remember what had happened to mama keep your head down or you will end up like her,” he said with tears rolling down his face.


Without warning, a hand grabbed the back of his top and Jacob was shoved over onto the ground with force. The man pulled out a knife and pushed it against his neck. Jacob shoved the man and ran towards a glowing light in a small hut. The mugger had caught up with him. On the verge of crying.


“That parcel is mine, hand it over,” he said in a low grumble, pointing at the parcel in Jacob’s hand, “plus any money you have on you. Hurry up, people will be coming around here soon,” Jacob was about to hand over his tips when he saw an old tatty door with a rickety shed behind.  He sprinted towards the door and crouched just behind it. He heard the loud footsteps thumping on the ground. Jacob sprinted but he was blocked in by an abandoned hound.


The man’s bulky shadow towered above him like a building. It reached out and choked him. The wall mocked him. He thought he wasn’t going to make. He turned around to see a broken window in the shape of a child. Jacob sprinted towards the fragmented window and jumped into the creaky shed.

Chapter 2


Outside, there was fog devouring the abandoned building which was surrounded by causation tape. What had happened? Inside, Jacob was frantically running around shattered glass (surrounding a towering tree, sand which was piled up like a mountain) and there was a horrible stench coming from the kitchen. Battered counter tops lay broken in half, a single flame danced feeling depressed not being a lively fire, intercut cobwebs lay on top of plates, cupboards and a family portrait were torn and destroyed. ​ To his dismay, he realised the door was locked from the outside as the roof crumbled over the already locked door. As the attacker drew closer, wearing a grin the only thing he could do was give up. He thought he was trapped. In front of him stood a towering man holding a knife dripping with blood his footsteps trailed along the alleyway.


…But through the darkness, brown eyes illuminated the room then three loud thuds hit Jacob like a punch of wind grabbing his top and pinning him against the wall and with shocked look he fumbled to his feet. A blur of brown shoved past Jacob sending him back to the floor with a thud, its brown eyes eating his fear; he felt protected by the majestic seven-foot giant standing in front of him. It was large. Larger than the attacker who screeched with fear soon as he saw it. Jacob saw that he was stood behind a grizzly bear standing on its hind legs. He fell down on all fours shaking the shed to its core. It glanced back at Jacob who was petrified by this animal. The bear knelt down beside him and laid his head on the rough ground. He could see a gaping wound next to the bear’s spine his eyes projected pain as red ripples down his skin. He had never seen an animal this big before but he needed help. The light breeze curest its fur sending a sense of calm through the bear.


It was then a small mumble left the bear’s mouth. A low, shaky voice that seemed to make the earth vibrate around them. It was a voice of water, stone and wind “I need help as you can tell I’m weak,” he said with a voice serious as stone. ” We need to find the gate way.” Jacob gazed back at the majestic creature, nodding at everything he said as if he understood. He knew that this creature would do anything for him so he would protect it with his life. it was beautiful. “They will be back,” said the great grizzly bear. Ten minutes later, Jacob and the grizzly bear were right by the abandoned toy shop. They crept their way through the shattered glass and hid between two shelves. All of the toys were scattered along the floor. No one dared to walk past the shop. Myths and legends say that all of the old workers haunt who-ever enters. But Jacob normally comes he to calm down watching the birds float in the sky, the bear falls into a deep sleep and so does Jacob.



Chapter 3

Jacob woke in a cold sweat; the bear was still in its slumber. From outside, voices crept in with an accompanying breeze. The voices were loud and obnoxious. Glancing through the small gap between the door, he could see a gang of teenage boys trying to get into the toyshop with a crowbar. They started dismantling the door. Jacob shoved the bear till it woke (though it took some time). He was welcomed by the soft brown eyes staring at him but then a low mumble followed after. Jacob put his finger to his mouth so they would stay silent. Jacob dragged the bear behind a fallen shelf so they wouldn’t be found easily.


In that very moment someone penetrated the door with a cacophony of sound then the room was crammed with silence. They all stood with an ear listening for any visitors. There were a couple of steps then a long gap of silence, holding in all of the stress trying not to speak. Time froze as they all waited for something to be heard anything it was to silent. A light pierced the dark room like a sun, it got to bright, the bear stared to shuffle it irritated everyone’s eyes as it crawled into every corner. They hid away into the darkness. Looking through a small gap in the shelfs to see any shadows being illuminated but all he could see was small figure moving towards the shelfs in slow movements. He ducked down in a sweat of fear and hugged the bear in his soft fur. The bear looked at Jacob and the bears eyes said that it will be ok. They would wait for them to leave, and then escape as soon as they had the chance to.


It felt like days, when it had probably been one hour by the time the boys had left the premises of the old shop. It was the middle of the night darkness consumed everything nothing was left not even the old light. Then the bear spoke without speaking it was like they were one he explained that she needed to get towards a gateway to go back to his world.


The bear said, “Its where the Viking port where boats and it is used for the same thing today” Jacob had a few ideas but one stuck out the docks down by the shopping center. He anxiously checked the bears wound”. It was bleeding more than when he first saw it. It won’t be a long walk but it’s could be fatal.


Jacob knew that his dad would be worried but he couldn’t help that they he would have to wait a bit longer. He had to find the gateway to help the bear get home after all he helped Jacob so its time to repay the favor. So, they started walking along the slim streets. They made there way through the town


Chapter 4

The water defenders (which had stood proudly for centuries defending the town with no struggle) were old boats which remained encased in concrete. There were four roads but only the one was left – it was through Gloucester and down the canal.

Over the years, the dock has been crowded since the great battle of world war two. This canal was known to be haunted by lost souls of fallen soldiers. With the bears wound dragging the journey on, they made slow progress toward their goal. The rain patted against the roof, irritating the bear.

Approaching the deep-rooted gateway, the sound of the guards came with the loud stomping of their boot. They were followed. Stumbling along the cobbled floor, the mighty bear was using the last of his strength to try get home. He was focused on his freedom even though he might die. Ornate patterns were carved into the mighty metal archway with a rich jade tint. So careful it could have been made by a swarm of spiders not even a God could destroy the mighty structure made from tungsten which would absorbed any attack. Jacob, whose heart in his throat, waited while fears glared down at him watching and waiting. A pit of liquid fire awaited them to jump into all of eternity which seemed to flood out of the gate with different constellations and comets. He could see himself staring back at him but with a suit on: this was him in another world. The sky darkened till there was no light; the river of eternity shattered into multiple universes each with thousands of planets; the river stretched for eternity with a heavy stream carrying the stars and planets with ease as if it were going to create a new universe.


A moment, later a swarm of guards, who arrived in carriages, crowed around them then the bear stood on his hind legs and scared them all. They dropped their weapons and stood still in fear and there was a loud growl from Jacob and the bear. He felt powerful, it was bear’s power running through him. The bear fixed a death stare to the crowd of gauds as they all trembled with fear curling into the corner.


“It is time for me to leave friend. Good luck with life,” he said in a calm voice, glancing at Jacob and then they turned to look at the gate way. It wasn’t a canal any more it was a beautiful stream of planets and stars. A gold stream that stretched on for all eternity. There were coloured planets, moons and energy were surging through him as the bear dived into infinity and disintegrated into a swarm of stars.


Jacob slumped in sadness, blinded by what he had seen. By now the guards had run in fear from the mighty bear. As he started to stumble back to his house, daylight hung in the sky, shining with rays shooting down the snow melted and he could hear the song of birds.


The bear would be by his side always in everything he did walking by him. He felt stronger though lighter as he walked towards the checkpoint face the ground not wanting to meet his glare but no one was there to meet him. Things were changing.

Winnie SWW chapters 1-4 Senses

Chapter 1

It was a cold white day. The type of day that the frost would creep up on you with its cold icy fingers. The sky was white like a blank canvas, beckoning for a fresh streak of colour. Thick fog hid the gentle flickering of gas lamp. Leaves blew in the wind, crumbling and crunching in the dirty potholes. Dense air lingered in the dirty faces of slaves and faint groans and loud bangs sounded in the distance.

Peter Moby cautiously walked forward hoping he would get through the checkpoint. New guards would be standing in for the old man who had died from the slave trade. He had been a nice man that would let him through the gates whenever he wanted but he had been too good to be true. He hoped that this man would be some what the same. He pulled his hands deeper into her pockets and felt the two gold shillings. That wouldn’t be enough for his family to pay the rent.

He could see the tall, tough man looking at him with a sharp milky eye. She could see red veins run through it like blood flying from a bullet. His spine shivered.  His mother’s words rang in his head as he walked closer to the daunting checkpoint.

 Keep your head up, be observant and be careful.

“Next,” ordered the chief, his shout was loudly ringing in Peter’s ears. ​”What is your name and why are you here? ”

“Peter, Peter Moby,” he replied hesitantly, “I work here and deliver all the sugar to the village,”

“You work here,” he said with a childish smirk on his face, his voice even huskier than before, ” You look as if the you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwords, not working in this grand old house like this.” He started laughing, and Peter could feel himself go back in to his shell again.

Something fell to the ground and unfortunately the guard saw what it was. He saw two gold shilling fall from Peter’s pocket. “Two gold shillings,” The man fake accent fell and a squeaky “Wow,” came from his mouth. “I’ll be taking those,” and with one swipe he knocked the pennies into the gutters below. “Let him through,”

The gates slammed behind him. A shiver travelled down his spine. This would be harder than before, he thought to himself. He cried. His main job was to get money for his family but now it was too late. His family would have to move. They would lose their job and have to take to the streets.

Peter walked closer to the grand house. It was way more looked after than the other side of town: flat, evenly spread gravel lay on the drive; short green grass was well cut and each blade was better looked after than Peter was; the tallest monkey puzzle tree was gently swaying in the middle of a roundabout at the front of a grand stone house; and two large gargoyles followed him like his past waiting to haunt him.

He felt sick. He found the house too grand and that made him feel disgusted. He always felt sick. Like the poor people weren’t allowed all of this. He came up to the door and couldn’t bare to touch the door knob that all the snobbish and rich people had touched. He was just their slave and treated him like a piece of dirt.

Shuddering, he managed to move his arms up to the knocker and was soon let in by the maid. He thanked her and then looked at the well-polished wooden floor under him. He had to get the next bag of sugar to deliver to the next customer.

When he had got to the kitchen, he opened the door quietly. Scanning the hallway to see if anyone was coming, He shut the door, trying to be quiet. But unfortunately, the door creaked shut behind him.

The kitchen was covered in flour, a slippery, sticky puddle of syrup on the floor and a sharp foul smell of rotten fish. Shining frying pans hung from the celling like golden mirrors. A bread roll was perched on the side with a pot of tea and a cream bun waiting to be brought up by the maids. Then he licked his lips. The tart smell of icing was stinging his nostrils, like spices in a curry. He checked the door, hoping that it was locked.  Quietly, he walked closer to the food on the counter and dreamed of the sticky cream bun melting in his mouth.

Then the door opened and the maid walked in.  His chance would be over. He quickly grabbed the cream bun and hid behind the wooden island in the middle of the kitchen.


“Give me that,” said a man, clipping Peters ear. Peter screamed as blood dripped down his white shirt, like a fish through water. He opened his eyes and tried to gulp down the pain that engulphed him. It was the chef. He wanted his cream bun back. Peter gripped it tighter and then gave up and ended up dropping the cream to the floor.


The chef let go and held him by the scruff of his collar, picked him up and chucked him out of the kitchen with the cream bun and a shilling. He really was a nice man.


Chapter 2

Ear throbbing, Peter walked into the nearest maid cupboard, where he hid his secret stash for his family, which was a mess. He opened the door, that was the less creaky of them all, reached for the box, put the money in and closed the lid.

Out of the window, fog would tickle your throat and the wind would cry out to you with its frosty tone. Inside, it felt tense and grim like the world was rapping you up in a blanket, forcing you to stay put and not letting you out of its grasp. The cupboard was full of dirty, dusty mops that lay in the corner leaving wet brown spots on the carpet. Thick cob webs (that were covered in fuzzy dust) and beautiful paintings were discarded and torn straight down the middle. To Peter’s utter astonishment, he really saw how snobbish these people really were. They were spoilt and didn’t care for these amazing works of art. Then the door creaked open!

A plump man stood before him, with a golf club in his hand. His buttons looked as if they couldn’t hold his body in his waistcoat and his face looked as if was going to burst. He readied his golf club and gripped it closer. Without a warning, sharp screeches called out above them. The ear-splitting sound made Peter’s ear throb faster, about to explode. Out of a small crack above the shelves, a flurry of grey filled the room and little wings battered the shelves and knocked over brooms. Peter couldn’t see. He was terrified.

Large paper like wings clattered in the darkness, their large ears listening for danger. Tiny studded fangs hung from their mouths.

The man had gone!

Soon the bats cleared but one was perched on the floor, a large tare in its wing. It could sense him, trust him.

Carefully it came closer. It let out a small squeak and brought its wing in closer. Fear surrounded her and engulphed her in sadness. She opened her mouth and he could see her studded teeth like pinpricks in the black sky. And then it spoke. It was a sharp voice the sort you would speak to your pets. “You’re in trouble, everyone is in trouble,” she said. “unless you help me.” Peter stared back at her, his hands shaking.

“Fine,” right now he would do anything for her. She saved his life and he would save hers.

After an awkward walk through the town, they found a dark quiet corner to rest for the night, his parents would never except a bat in the house. He had to be as careful he didn’t know what the bat had meant. But he was willing to find out.


Chapter 3

Peter woke with a start; the bat slept on, curled up in a ball. Peeking through a gap in the wall, he could just about hear the sound of footsteps crunching down the gravel. Sniffing the air, the bat carefully crawled in closer. Her small eyes looked up at him from where she lay on his hand. She was cold and felt light and breakable. He stroked her gingerly and moved back out of the light and into the shadows. Then a gun sounded; the bat screeched; Peter’s heart pounded. Quietly, the bat spoke, “People judge others with their eyes, not with their hearts,” her voice was calm. “And that is wrong.” Then he shrunk back into the darkness.

Without warning, something or someone entered through the door. The clicking and clacking of the someone’s shoes made Peter’s heart beat faster and faster. It was beating so fast that you could feel it echo through the floor. Silence seemed to haunt them as they waited; waited for the person to leave. A lantern cut through the black; something was dragging along the floor; light started to appear around them. He could feel searching hands reach for a box close to them. Tactfully, he peered around the corner and saw the man with milky eyes stare straight at them. It was the guard! He held his breath and thought to himself, ‘It is over, there’s no escape now. We’re done for.’

It was over.

Suddenly, someone shouted, leading the guard away and they were saved.


It felt like hours, but probably fallen asleep, since the guards left. The sun was just rising and the sky was pink like a lavendar. Light was submerging the darkness and tiredness was encouraging Peter to shut his eyes. The bat spoke in a quiet voice and told him, in great detail, that there was a magical gateway that could save this broken world and wide eyes. “It is found in an old structure. Wisdom is from stories, not knowledge.”

Peter had an idea that the gateway might be the old Cathedral in this town. He was christened there when he was brought to England. His parents wanted him to be as normal as possible. It was a long journey but the bat wasn’t ready yet. He needed to keep her safe and protect her at any cost.

Aware that his parents didn’t know where he was, he knew that they would say no anyway, he had to find the gateway so nobody would take the bat away from him.


Chapter 4

The Abby’s gates, that has been protecting the crumbling walls for thousands of years, stood watching them like an owl and its beady eyes. This would be the fastest way to get there. At each famous point there is a gateway that can take you between different world; there is consequence,  that you can get stuck between worlds. You could get lost; you could die. He knew all the places you could go to get to the cathedral and they would try all the ways to get the Batt to safety. They carried on through the gravel path and towards the iron gate of the Abby. And it was locked.

The fog, as thick as pea soup, was smothering them like they were wrapped in a thick warm blanket. Chills licked his spine. It was really haunting. He needed to save her so she could be the light in the world.

Coming to the gateway, which had stood strong for many years, he heard voices summoning them, speaking in a heavenly whisper. Silence was calling for them. Hiding in the shadows, the bat screeched and shivered in the cool early wind. Peter huddled her in close, his hot scared breath on her skin. She was dying.

It was beautiful. Huge crumbling stone, grand mahogany wooden handles and mighty brass doors stood strong before them. Peter could hear the Gods call for them. Peter, whose heart was beating faster than before, was scared. The bat needed to rest. She was in trouble. They needed to get in.

After all that waiting, light poured out of the crack between the doors, they were like sinews from the sky, the cathedral was glowing. It was amazing: light flickered into golden stars and danced like leaves; the sky turned into a million spotlights; and darkness submerged the light.

Moments later, the sound of a first gun shot was sounded. They were caught. The Bat turned, screeching in pain, and in one, hurtful, swoop the sky was black with millions of fluttering bats. The wind picked up and the guard was loud with the moaning and singing of the pig-nosed creatures. The guards dropped their guns and opened their mouths, scared to the bone. Their screams were silenced and their moaning was ended by the tension in the air. Nobody would know what would happen next.

“Thank you,” she said in a low gruff voice, “I came here to warn you. The world is turning against you, for what you and humanity are doing to it. I thought you would all perish, but now I have realised that you will be safe with hope and love,” She spoke louder know. “Do as I say and stand up for who you are and what you believe in, Goodbye.”

“You can’t go, it’s not fair,” Peter spoke, crying.

“I have to,” She replied “I have to. Goodbye” And with the help of the other bats they flew through the door, with utter astonishment, lifted her up and into infinity.

The light swallowed her up, demolishing her. She had left. She was gone.

Peter stood there, his face hot with tears drying on his cheek. It was hard to see the Batt go and what was worse was that he would possibly never see the Batt again. Pain was riding in his chest and his heart was beating, hurt, like a broken drum. It would never be the same again. He was there in the dark and the rain and the sorrow. He was trying to hold in the pain and in all the sorrow that was building up inside of him.

He started to move, slowly, down the path. He was just starting to feel at one with the Batt and now he was gone. Gone away forever. He felt change in the air. There was no longer a red puff of smoke in the air, not from the anger but from the hurting and the fighting. But there was hope and there was light. All thanks to the Batt.



Years have passed and the world has changed. The present has changed because of the Batt. The world is different and everyone is one. People have changed and become kinder to the world they live in today and that is why the Bat changed the world.

Peter was alone, alone in the Abby. He was waiting against the wall of the Abby waiting for the Batts arrival. And then, when he had lost all hope, a faint screech came from the sky and they were together.













Chapter 1


Despair danced around the streets as the frost of December grasped the streets of Gloucester’s ghetto. Shadows whispered to each other in gloomy corners as hordes of rats quarrelled over the mouldy leftovers piled into bins.


Joey Morelli was sliced by the spiteful squall of winter. But he didn’t notice. He was staring straight in front of him. He was examining the guard at the checkpoint ahead, denying the few families that pleaded to go beyond the only exit out of the ghetto.” Next!” the guard boomed. After shaking the doubt out of his head, Joey stepped forward.


“ What’s that,” snarled the guard, gesturing towards the boxes stacked precariously in Joey’s hands,” and where are you headed, you filthy piece of scum?”

“I’ve got cake deliveries in the upper part of Gloucester for my father’s shop, The Perfect Recipe, sir,” Joey piped up. The guard took a few minutes to take this in, then finally let him pass.” Go on then, you ratbag.”


The moment Joey stepped through the gate, he noticed that this part of the city was much swankier than the ghetto: streetlamps radiated with apricity; buildings stood tall and mighty as unmovable guardians; and well-dressed people were chattering freely like birds pirouetting through the open air. It was amazing. Fascinating. Unbelievable.


Joey wished all this wealth was his. He wished that he was treated with equality and respect. But his father’s voice rang like a siren inside his head, Keep your head down. Don’t draw attention to yourself.


Without forewarning, A towering, black figure knocked Joey off his feet, and dragged him barbarically into an opaque alleyway. After tossing Joey to the icy, emotionless floor, the stranger glanced to the parcels that crashed to the floor.

”I’ll be ‘aving that,” declared the stranger, reaching for the boxes scattered across the floor. He was dressed in a gloomy, hooded cloak, with black wrappings underneath and a mask to cover his face. He drew a knife from his pocket, “I said, I’ll be ‘aving that.”


The man’s shadow crept up on him like a tiger prowling through the undergrowth. There was nowhere to run. Only a locked door and a fragmented window. He thought for a moment, then he remembered that there was a mugger hounding him. Without a second’s hesitation, he dashed to the door and kicked. “Only another brick wall,” the mugger sneered, detaining Joey.


Joey didn’t know what came over him. Sliding through the thief’s legs, he aimed a roundhouse kick to his face. After sending the mugger sprawling, he hopped through the shattered window. He was free.




Chapter 2



Outside, snow thrashed at the barred-up windows, reaching its bony fingers towards Joey. Inside, Joey crept through the abandoned building scouring the corridors for a spot to hide. Worn planks lay scattered across the forgotten floors, rusted bars slept their lives away and spiders and mice argued over the few crumbs of food left. To his dismay, he noticed all exits were blocked by piles of rubble. There was no escape.


Behind him, the knife the stranger wielded glinted in the winter sun; the mugger’s eyes combusted with madness…            …but in of the shadows, colossal footsteps pounded on the wooden floorboards, louder than Joey’s heart thumping in his chest. Out of the darkness, a flash of brown thundered past him and stood like another lifeless wall between the mugger and Joey. It was huge. Massive. A bear. A massive bear. A massive bear stood between him and his fate. The stranger bolted though the corridors, but there was no escape.

“Guess I’ll have to fight my way out of here,” the mugger sighed, sounding dangerously calm. He drew his knife.


The fight was like a one-sided see-saw, the bear throwing its huge claws at the stranger, spinning him off balance. The mugger steadied himself .As a retaliation, the thief sliced the air around him, drawing a rush of a red, paint-like substance from the bear’s neck.


After the fight was over, the bear strode over to Joey, and collapsed to the floor. Joey could see immense pain reflected from the bear’s eyes into his. They stared at each other in silence for what seemed liked ages. He could see happiness, but a deep sea of sadness.


Then, the bear rose to his feet, and spoke in a low, gravelly voice, “ Now I need your assistance. I need you to find me the gateway,”  Joey nodded. He didn’t know what to do, exactly, but knew what he was looking for at least. “I’ve got a place you could hide for a while,” he piped up.


Fifteen minutes later, they were standing in front of an abandoned boathouse. Sneaking like a shadow through the darkness, they crept through the boathouse; the bear found a comfortable pile of rubble and slept. Joey kept watch.


Chapter 3


Joey woke with a start; the bear slept like a log. From outside, Joey could see it was still dark out, but that wasn’t important. What was important was the voices that seemed to be arguing about something to do with… the door… and … an axe.


Crawling like a spider across the dusty floor, he nudged the gigantic bear awake. He stared up at him with amber eyes that blazed like a wildfire in the moonlight. Joey put his finger to his lips and hid the creature behind a pile of rubble, then clambered into a wooden crate and left the lid slightly ajar, to keep watch of what was happening.

CRACK! The door was cleaved in two and three silhouettes stepped into the room; their footsteps echoing through the shadows. Torch lights illuminated the air and boxes were searched and scattered. Joey shivered. Heart thumping in his chest, Joey took a glance through the lid and watched them break things open, dangerously close to the bear’s hiding spot. He pulled the lid tightly shut. The silhouettes looked over at the crate that Joey was hiding in. He shuddered with fear. ‘So, this is how it ends.’ he thought.


They passed Joey, flooding him with relief, and grabbed the glimmering contents of the box. ”We’ve got what we came for, so let’s skedaddle.” the smallest one said. He sounded older than Joey.

“No, Rob. Let’s see if we could find some more cash in here.” the tallest one suggested. He was wielding the axe.

“I’m on Rob’s side. Sorry, George.” the third one piped up.


After the thieves left, the bear explained why he needed to find the gateway, that she needed to go through it to return the bear to her own world. It is located in a tall building where we can be close to God. That was the only clue she gave.


Joey thought that this gateway might be hidden inside the cathedral, but walking to the cathedral would take hours, and how would they get inside if it’s locked up for the night? How would they hide the bear from people wandering home after the pub?


Joey knew that his dad would be sick with worry, but he had to help the bear and her to the gateway. So, they made their way through the moonlit streets, avoiding all the checkpoints and  people walking home to meet their families, boy and bear crept through the darkness, playing a deadly game of hide and seek.



Chapter 4




The cobbled streets, which were deserted in the dead of night, slept like a stone in the eerie silence. There was only one road down to the cathedral, and it headed straight through the busiest part of the city. Even at night it was usually crowded. But tonight, it wasn’t. It was in this direction that Joey and the bear made their way.


The frost of December was a cruel, cold-hearted beast. It stretched out its bony, hook-like fingers, scraping and scratching at anything it saw. As it spectated over the streets and roads, it saw its next victims. Joey and the bear.


Joey shivered. Nearing the cathedral, Joey heard shouting over by the entrance. They had been spotted. Limping forwards, the giant bear growled, edging closer to freedom. The insignias curved and twisted into regal shapes on the mahogany doors. Joey, who was gazing at the now transparent door, waited for the bear to advance. It was beautiful. A cobalt glow illuminated the other side of the doorway. Just then, a burst of diamond light rushed through the gateway; the cobalt glow shattered, turning into thousands of butterflies, each one a different colour with its own unique pattern.


Without warning, multiple guards brandished their weapons, some wielding knifes, others held guns. The bear, raising up to her full height , stood with Joey. His eyes glowed with the amber of a great wildfire. The guards faltered.


“Goodbye,” she spoke, turning towards Joey and then towards the gateway. Through the gateway, the cobalt glow burst into an amber that blazed like a great wildfire consuming a forest. Diamond light surged through the open gateway, reaching out into the eternity beyond. With one huge leap, the bear launched into the air…

… and was devoured by the flames beyond.



She was gone.


Joey turned, stunned by what he had just seen. But the guards weren’t there. As me made his way home, dawn crept up on the frost of December, forcing it to flee. It was a bright morning. The first time the sun had dared to come up in months. All the snow had melted and he could see birds fluttering through the sky. As he neared the checkpoint, the guards waved him through without meeting his gaze. Things had begun to change.

Chapter 1-4 of Leopard

Chapter 1 by Bella ­­

It was a bitterly cold morning. Layers of frost blanketed the cars and bikes as if they were still sleeping after a restless night of shivering. Shadows cast their gloomy darkness across the skies mixing with the smoke from the chimneys, like the mist that comes from people’s mouths in the cold. Giving thieves the opportunity to sneak around the dreary streets of Krakow.


Lila Barnes’s fingers gripped around the iron pole as she headed to the checkpoint. All her hope circled around the guard. Would he let her in or not? Otherwise her parents would neglect her.


As much as her hope circled the guard, gloom surrounded her. Ahead of her she could see a succession of unhappy gloomy looking people, all the colour drained from their faces. The wall separated the Podgorze district from the rest of the city as if it had some sort of illness. She could have sworn it was teasing her, showing her that it was refusing everyone who walked in its path.


“Next,” groaned the guard, “Ah, a foreigner, please state your name, age and what you are doing.”

“L…Lila B…B…Barnes, thirteen and I am making a d… delivery for Lord Miller sir,” she stammered.

The guard took a moment to take it all in. Until after what seemed like hours, the guard pushed her with the force of a bull and she fell flat on her face onto the hard, concrete road.


Her eye was badly bruised and everything was blurry. She could only make out the warm light casting across the streets. Snow scattered the streets like a thick jumper and children played with it taking no notice of the ‘foreigner’ who had just walked in.


Lila felt ready to scream with jealousy. She wanted to get out. If only us foreigners were aloud in here, but her parent’s words rang in her head like an air raid siren life is not fair, it never will be, so keep your head down and imagine you are not alive, that’s what they want.


Out of thin air, a sack was hauled over her head like a hammer and once again, chucked, onto the floor. Then hands grabbed her and dragged her roughly to somewhere unknown.


“Gimme that,” demanded a fierce voice, pointing at Lila’s parcel, “or I’ll throttle you.”

“Na I got better things to do than that, ya filthy *******,” Lila said slyly, throwing off the sack, and then immediately covered her mouth in awe, she could not believe what she had said. So, she ran. But were? She heard the man footsteps close behind and the only thing she could see was a solid brick wall, trying to block her path.


Lila had no choice. She had to hide further into the darkness. “There you are,” growled the man.

Now she was really in trouble, so, ran again. Now she had to think bigger. So, she tried to climb the wall. The climb was hard, she wanted to let go at any moment, but if she did, she’d surely die. Then she reached the top. She jumped.


Chapter 2

Outside, fog devoured the fresh air, grabbing at all the corners in Krakow. Inside, Lila scampered around in the pitch black, desperately searching for a somewhere to hide. Rotten planks of wood littered the floor, bird feathers were strewn across the grass and when she walked inside she saw a scratched picture of a happy family. But to her horror, she saw the man in the doorway. ‘So, this is how it ends,’ she thought.


The blood on the attacker’s dagger glinted like rubies in the moonlight…but suddenly a clap of thunder erupted like a volcano throughout the house, or was it a growl? Her question was answered. In front of her stood an astonishing animal, imprinted with patterns she had only seen once before. When she was free. Bright green eyes illuminated the darkness of the house like a torch of poison. Nothing else could create eyes like that but poison. Ripples of fear ran up her spine. The animal let out yet another deadly growl, she could have exploded at the sound. Leopards were supposed to be extinct, what was happening? Now she had spent so much time being scared of the animal she had forgotten about the attacker who had fled the scene and should be long gone by now. Then a miracle happened. The Leopard turned around menacingly. Slowly prowled over to Lila. Then laid down groaning in pain. Scarlet blood was pouring from her neck.


Then she spoke. A worried voice filled the air unexpectedly, it was like the earth itself was talking, “We must run. People are imminent. Do you know anywhere?” she said, “My life is now depending on you.” Lila thought her mind was playing tricks on her. But no. Another wave of fear flowed up her back crashing against her heart, causing it to skip a beat. “This animal is special,” she thought, “I must protect her. She is worth a lot of money so people will want to find her.” “Ok, I will help you. But you must tell me everything.” Ten minutes had passed, and they had finally reached the Jewish Quarter not too far from the ghetto. In the quarter was an abandoned castle, no one ever dared to enter. Legend had it that on the night of Halloween the royal family vanished without a trace, and all that was found was a piece of gold from the crown that was said to hold magic beyond anyone’s greatest dreams. So, Lila and the Leopard walked in with caution and up to the highest tower. Tired, the Leopard fell asleep.


Chapter 3

Lila woke with a start; the leopard had other ideas. Strange noises filled the air outside. Peering through the towers window, she saw shadows. Shadows that were not to be trusted. The door of the castle opened with a loud crash. Lila shoved the leopard awake. She woke with a start, and stared in terror with her bright, green eyes filled with fear. She stroked her calmly, indicating not to be that scared. Ear piercing shrieks echoed from the floors below; the leopard let out a low hearty growl. Lila shuddered.


Rolling across the abnormally sooty floor, Lila whispered for the leopard. The leopard hobbled over to her as inaudibly as a ghost would. They hunched under the bed and pulled the duvet over them.


At that very second, the sound of heavy footsteps thumped up the steps. It seemed like no life lurked within the tower, not even a breath. Silence had conquered the room. Torches illuminated the darkness, just like the leopard’s eyes. They were done for. Then they lifted the duvet. Her heart was racing, like a whippet chasing a deer. Somehow, the boy was staring straight at her but said nothing. She pressed harder against the leopard’s warm fur, hoping to muffle the loud thumping of her heart. They would have to get out later. If there was a later.


It seemed like years had gone by, but the only thing gone now, was the boys. It was night time now. Then the leopard spoke. She spoke about gateways and other world and universes. But the thing that intrigued Lila most was the fact that she was in a war, battling with Guardians of Earth. Always in the centre. She needed to get to a gateway too. Or else.


Lila had a vague guess, the city centre. It had a long walk through shaped like and arch. But if that was the case, there was a problem. The market. Everyone would see the leopard. She was bleeding to. Surely the leopard could not walk. She was way to limp.


Lila Knew her mum would be worried, she had already lost dad and now she could not loose me. For a while, she wished the leopard was a fox, sly and small. But she was not, and now they were in a game of stuck in the mud, or now, stuck in death.


Chapter 4 by Bella

The eyeless head statue (which was a little creepy) stared her down. Watching. All the gateways had once had the world running until Stasha and her family left. But one stayed open. A gateway for her relative, who was supposed to help a Leopard through. It was there that Lila and the leopard were heading.


The night eyes stared at them as well. Cackling from above. Like everyone, they knew this was the end. Fear ran up Lila’s spine. It was quiet. Way too quiet. The leopards wound was bleeding worse than ever, like it could sense danger. Would they make it?


Walking closer to the town centre, something or someone screamed. It pierced the sky. The scream was his mother’s. Now he had to choose. The leopard growled, and padded towards the man holding Lila’s mum. But instead the other guards pointed their gun at her mother. Lila knew what the guards meant. But the intricate gateway was calling. Its bars were like spiders’ webs, it was so intricate that is could have been created by spiders, and the gold was as shiny as the tear running down her face. Lila, whose heart was in her mouth, decided to wave the leopard through. Behind the gateway, Lila could see a raging fire ready to devour the leopard. Then Lila saw herself. But she was a wealthy commoner and there was a clear sky behind her. She was in a better brighter future. Then. BANG! The gun went off, scarlet blood trickled down her mother’s chest. Now Lila had to leave. The world went dark, like someone had flicked a light switch powering the world; like the world had shattered into a million pieces; like the world had ended. For the better.


Before she could even cry, the man dropped her mother’s body and kicked it aside. But the leopard growled, a deep, heavy growl. The guards put down their guns and departed. “Cowards,” said the leopard.


“Goodbye my friend,” said the leopard, “But they will be back, and next time you shall not be so lucky, I would expect to see you in four years, when I too have passed. I am no longer an immortal.” Lila had no idea what she meant. But she faced the gateway anyway. Lila no longer saw a raging fire. But a girl, not her, another girl. Stasha Kuczaj. Grief rose into Lila’s body. Stasha looked a lot like her mother. “Now I will leave, goodbye,” said the leopard, plunging into infinity.


Rain fell. The leopard had gone. Lila’s only ever friend had gone. The leopard. She was in a much better place now. Infinity. Or was she? The guards had gone. Then the sun rose. The rare sun that felt like precious gold to Lila.


The leopard would always be with her, by her side at all times. Lila felt better about the Leopard now. She was heading home, to live on her own. Then she remembered the checkpoint, the checkpoint that was no longer there. Things were changing, so she took off her coat.


Chapter 1


It was a stormy cold night in London on the 1st December. Rain poured down on the roof tops. Paths had a thin layer of ice spread across them.


John hurried down the street, he was delivering parcels for his father. Finally, he had one delivery left: that one was outside the ghetto. He needed to get through the checkpoint, were the guards have the power to turn you away. John gulped.


“You boy,” shouted the guard, pointing at John, “Show me your pass.” John pulled it out with trembling fingers. The guard snatched the pass out of his hands and asked, “Why do you need to leave your area?” he said. John replied, “I need to deliver a parcel sir,” the guard hesitated and he frowned at him but then he let him through.


Surrounding him were stone buildings. He was astonished. It was like he couldn’t talk. Stone roads were lit up beautifully and the sky was a light blue that he had never seen before. People were walking down a smooth concrete path.


As he walked around, he thought about how big the differences were in the ghetto from here. It was totally unfair. He wished he could live here where there were no rats and where there were well- lit streets not dark gloomy streets.


He was walking in the crowd until he felt a hand clutch his wrist tight and John was being pulled into a hedge. He tried to scream but he couldn’t.


When they stopped at an abandoned building they went inside. A man snapped and said, “I’ll take that thank you very much,” snatching the parcel out of his hands. When the man turned his back to talk to his gang, John leaped on to the back of the leader. As the rest of the gang came John slide-tackled them to the ground. He ran to the door but it was stuck.

He saw the window. Then he saw a metallic knife coming closer and closer until it came faster than ever. The man threw the knife and it shattered the window. John knew that was his ticket out. He leaped through the window.


Chapter 2


Outside, fog consumed whatever was in its way. Around him were shadows and fog but not a person in sight and rain pounded on to his head. There were only mossy stone brick walls, shattered glass panes, cobwebbed covered walls and battered boxes. To his horror, he saw the gang that he had escaped. He was caught.


…but without a sign, a growl emerged out of the shadows. John’s heart was pounding as the gang turned their attention to the sound getting ready to attack. Erupting out of shadows, a blurry fluffy orange tail dashed across the floor. Whatever it was it was fast.  The gang dropped their weapons and ran in to the fog. Eventually the orange creature came back. The eyes burned an orange flame. When the creature stopped John realized it was a fox. John was frozen in fear. The fox stopped, and led on the floor then red liquid rippled down its fury back and on to the floor. It seems to be injured badly.


It was then he spoke. A soft voice, “I need your help mortal to find the gateway to my home world,” she said. John was surprised. John’s mind was thinking of an answer until he thought about how he had just saved him from the gang. He knew the risks of dangers in this task but he said yes. “We need to hide they will come,” he said. Twenty minutes later, after a long trip, John and the fox found an old metal shed in a park. It looked perfect place to hide it looks like no one was in there.

Chapter 3


John woke with a start; the fox slept on. Outside the walls were shaking John peered through a gap and he saw two builders with hammers. They were demolishing the shed.  The fox growled with anger. The builders ordered commands to demolish the shed but first see if there was any life inside.


John crawled under some hay, hoping not to be found.

At that moment, somebody had opened the creaky door and stepped into the shed. It seemed like time had stopped in the room halting his breath.  A light pierced through the darkness. With a quick glance through the hay, he saw a shadow walking around the hay so he cuddled up around the Fox’s tail. He carried on halting is breath his heart was pounding with fear. The room fell silent.  He thought they could wait it out till night so they must be packing up soon and thinking of how to escape.


It seemed like hours till one builder said,” Come it’s pack up time,” When the builders left, they checked for any people but the coast was clear and the climbed out of the hay, brushing themselves off.

“The gate way is where tides go and come,” John was confused and the blood stilled rippled down it’s back.

John thought about is family being worried of him not being home for hours. He knew that he had no chose.

Chapter four


The river (which had flowed for centuries) moved swiftly through London. Next to the river, the gateway stood tall. Over the year’s nature had taken over the river bank.

Clouds changed shape and colour in the dark gloomy sky, rain poured down. The fox was bleeding more than had seen ever before.

Nearing the ancient gateway, suddenly they heard distant shouts. They were caught. Crawling along the path, the fox was approaching the gateway. Platinum gates were shining in the sun light. John’s head was full with excitement as the fox approached the gateway with relief. On the other side, galaxies came into sight, comets came raining down from a point in space.

A moment later, several guards surrounded them holding their weapons and getting ready to fire. The fox, turning to face the guards, stood next to John. The fox growled with anger and John joined him. The guards were terrified so they dropped the weapons. And ran.

“It is time,” he spoke, looking at John. The fox walked silently to the gateway until he said,” thank you for everything, one day when I am healed I will return. Goodbye friend, by the way call me Felix.” With one  jump he disintegrated into star dust. Into a colourful universe. He had left.


John turned, to where the fox had jumped through the gateway, blinded by his surroundings. When the clouds cleared night sky, he felt different as if he got stronger.

As he went through the checkpoint, the guards didn’t seem as cruel and angry. But then the world changed forever. A sight he never seen before the sun came rising up.