ABC checklist

Avoid the ************ and haunted house which has scary and terrifying noises in there.


Be aware of different birds like a vicious,hungry eagle.Make sure that the eagle does not see you.


Caves-If you do find shelter,because there might be a hungry dragon that might be living there and it has fallen asleep.


Dear’s may be a bad idea because sometimes in the dark/night they run away and you can never see them again.


Elves may be a bit mischievous, but who ever fight’s orcs/giants and they will bring you to shelter.


Family is the most important choice to pick to come with you in the forest.


Goblins will try to capture you in the night.


Hedge hogs will try to tackle you and bring you to the ground/floor.


Invisibility can help you to hide from dangerous and horrible animals.


There are journals about the forest and how haunted it is. Keep any spare keys so they make a loud noise then you can put it on you’re donkey.


Ladder might be useful so you can cut down wood for some shelter.


If you see a mountain and do not climb up there, you might not know what is up the mountain.


Be careful that do not step on any nukes from 1915 and world war 2.


Make sure you do not get spotted by any owls in the night.


Parrots might try to take you down by flying at you.


Quietly tip toe tree to tree one at a time. 


Spiders might come out of small holes and try to crawl up  your legs.

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