Avoid people with weapons with them because they are probably planning to kill someone

Be more careful when walking home from school you never know whats gonna happen to you or somebody.

Carefully walk to the field where daisy’s and sunflowers sit,talk dance and prance all around.

Dance in the sunlight dance in school no ones gonna stop you from having fun.

Elves can help with your kids get toilet paper and wrap them up like a Christmas gift ( be careful)

Flap around when its paytime annoy your siblings when there with there friends.

Grab a book sit don with your coffee ignore your kids and there you are no annoying little kids picking there nose.

Have a go at riding the bike it wont hurt you just put your feet on the peddels and cycle WOOHO YOU DID IT WELL DONE  it takes alot of practise.

I dont know where to start well clean your room pick up things that are yellow,black,red,blue,pink,blossom,green then do your bed and then finally pick up other things that are not in there normal place.

Jump around laugh heehhehehe watch funny video’s and there the perfect day you have.

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