Doms diary 31.08.5028

Doms diary 31.08.5028


This evening, my fellow crew members have just been set out into 2 different groups.Roman and I have been told to stay on the ship whilst the others were set to find any evidence for our captain to use to find our lost buddy,Ibrahim Ali. Firstly, we had checked the ground to see if any footsteps had been engraved into the dirt.I was forced to give an emergency call to everyone around us to start helping us find anything that could help.They also got posters set up everywhere so that people could see and if they did find him, they could give us a shout.The captain had made the crew ask everyone that they could see.

Next, they walked further into the jungle.They tied red rope around specific trees to make sure they could come back the right way. It was almost blackout.Shadows creaked around, luring them in.One moment, there was leaves rustling and the next, there was complete silence.

Moments later, we got off the ship and caught up to them.All of us saw the opening of a dark, grey cave. Outside, it looked like the shape of a lions mouth.Inside, there was torches flickering and noises approaching.


We stood, wondering what we should do.Some crew members thought that Ibrahims life came to an end and he had died but others didn’t.As we were talking, a gust of wind, the flapping of slimy claws and soon a pegasus had approached.It moved its head in confusion.


Luckily, it was a hope-pegasus.These kind creatures have teeth that sparkle like diamonds in the sky.It gasped deeply and low, it asked if it was assistance.We told it about Ibrahim and it replied saying that it saw the skyship but didn’t see Ibrahim.The pegasus gave us a warning that phoenixes were coming closer…

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