Diary entry

Dear diary


Later that night, I was forced to split the team into two, to look for our long lost friend Kevin Brown. I asked the citizens if they had an idea about our friend. I showed they had nothing in mind. I was going to give up but I noticed that his jacket was on the ground.


Next we made our way further and further into the cave. I got a torch just in case and turned it on. The cave was covered with shadows and in one moment it got darker and the other the cave became brighter and the birds came closer to the cave.


After sometime, I sat down where there was a bence. Outside there was a hole with a claw print. Inside there was a fire 


We stood discussing what to do some of the people thought he had been eaten by a creature and a dragon landed behind us staring at us.


Luckily, it was a tiny dragon with fire. These creatures glow in the dark. It sighed slowly and talked in a calm voice. I told him about our friend. He told us that he didn’t know. He told us that there were skygoblins

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