diary entry

Dear diary,

This morning,I urgently asked the group to get together and dont leave anybody out of site so that nobody could of been lost,I heard that a skyship had crashed and one of our friends have been on it.We went and asked some of the people around us to see if they have seen anybody with blonde and long hair,green eyes and a black shirt with a white skirt.Just incase we gave out some posters of what our friend Amara had looked like.Then I spotted a trial of footsteps swirling around down a long path aside,I am wondering if that could be our lost friend.


First,we made our way down the path of footsteps.I made sure that I should watch the ground for any clues.The path was very bumpy and rocky.White shadows began to streak further on making us anxious.One minute there would be screaming and the other would be laughing.


After that,we arrived at a dark,black tunnel that goes further downhill.Outside,there were tall,green trees surrounding the edges of the deep and black tunnel.

After a while,I gathered the group around to take out there torches and swords and started getting to work.One of the teammates had felt that somebody must have kept Amara away.Soon as we started approaching the tunnels entrance,the crew heard a loud shout!They wandered what could of it had been!


Finally,they went to discover it when they saw Amara laying on the floor hurt with stitches,cuts and bruises.I was terrified when she told me something that had made me even more terrified,somebody had planned this crash and as soon as she said that we took Amara and headed back.

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