Dear diary,                                                                 5/1248

This late afternoon, I went on a search for my missing 

friend, Alodie. I traveled to the unknown islands of ovalshki, 

I searched through the mountains,I suspected she had been

eaten by the spawn monster Juigare, but that was most unlikely. 

I continued my journey through the haunted caves of darkness

and found nothing. Only 1 last place I had hope in, the Tropical

Jungle, I swung on vines and climbed trees. She was nowhere

to be seen. 


Then, I searched deeper into the jungle. The jungle was very

colorful, sunlight was slowly creeping in. Birds sang while flowers

blossomed into bright colors of pink. 


That night, I found a huge cave. Outside, there were various

cobwebs and spiders. Inside, bats slept while spider eggs

hatched and snakes slithered. There was a bed of leaves,

was someone living here? Was it my lost friend? If it wasn’t

her then who was it?


I stood there, what should I do? I thought. Maybe my lost

friend was there or maybe she was eaten by the swamp

monster. I felt a sudden gush of wind from the cave. A

a small, baby pegasus appeared from the darkness. 

It gave a blank stare.


Luckily, it was just a midnight pegasus. It had dark sky 

skin and dots of golden stars. It’s eyes were a universe of

purple and gold. It warned us of the sky dragons approaching. 

It said it’d be best if we got into the skyship and were prepared.

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