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Secrets of a models handbay

I’m Niamh and top secret detective in Ireland. A lot of people DON’T take me seriously as I am only a ‘child, (I’m eleven).Regardless of this I’m an amazing detective. It all started when me and my mam were in town last week. I was extremely bored as my mam went into every shop browsing at something she’s not going to buy. Anyhow let’s get to the point. When she was in the shop, I found a large pink bag behind a bin. (Don’t ask why I was looking behind the bin it’s a detective thing). I think I was quite strange seen as it  was designer. I opened the blinding hot pink hand bag and the contents were shocking.The first thing I did as a detective was look for ID as this was key.Once I found it read KRISTEN THOMAS a famous model. There was quite normal items such a gum,headphones,her phone , LOTS of money in the bag. The one thing that shocked me most was the amount of food in there. I didn’t think models ate???

Invisible me

Hello my name is Rosina .I was in science class when me and my friend were being kind of  silly  we were doing an experiment with these sort of potions we call them . really they have a very fancy science  name on them  .so any way we had to make an explosion happen but as I was saying my friend and I we were messing and mixed up the wrong  liquids it exploded on me and that’s when my friend screamed YOUR INVISIBLE! I ran straight to the bathroom I checked in the mirror there was nothing there oh no I was invisible . I was shocked at first but then I realised what I could do

1.I could not show up to school but pretend to my mam I’m going

2.I could steal my sister’s sweets

3.I could change my test answers

4.I could take some of my sister’s clothes

5.I could scare my sisters

I I were invisible

What I would do if I was invisible

So firstly I would stroll down to my local sweet shop I conveniently forget my wallet but I won’t need to pay cause I’ll be well, invisible

Next I would sneak into my brother and sisters room and my hand might get stuck in the their money box and it might come out of it a few euros richer

After that I would happen to feel the need to throw random stuff at all those who have wronged me before

And of course I would steal a lot of food from my supermarket and donate it to different across the world









What I would being invisable

I walked down the stairs and made my breakfast. When suddenly I heard the most ear piercing scream. It was my mam and she was screaming straight at my breakfast. I looked down and all I saw was some soggy Weetabix . But my mam screamed and ran out of the room and then out of the house.  I just thought it was one of her food panic attacks and went upstairs to get ready for school. I got to school and when I walked down the hallway everyone just screamed. I went into the bathroom and realised I was invisible. Then I went shopping !!!!

If I were invisible…

If I were invisible, oh boy there’s a lot that I would do!

First I would take full advantage of my new power by sneaking into a bakery and eating the most delicious cakes and buns! Next I would scare my brother by throwing random things around his room. Being invisible means you don’t need a ticket so I would hop on a train to my city and go on a shopping spree! Lastly I would sneak into my enemies house and wreck their room!!

Contents of a bag

Hello I’m Emily O’Donnell and I spend my time going around stealing people’s bags and looking in them. Of course I never steal anything as I’m not a thief but I am very nosey! Yesterday I stole a very important bag and here are the contents: An expensive perfume, a wig, a gold ring, €2000 and an iPhone 15 with a Gucci case! The thing is I don’t know who I stole it off!!! I guess I’ll have to keep it…


The mysterious object

We had arrived at the museum. The tour guide was taking us around. Then something caught my

eye. I broke away from the crowd to go see what it was. It was an object from space! It looked a

bit like a large weird potatoe. The plaque said aliens had dropped it in Cashel . I eagerly read

the rest. It said scientists have thoroughly inspected it but still don’t know much about it.

From that day on , I made it my mission to find out more about this misterios object.

MJ the invincible

Once there was a girl.The girls name was MJ.She loved space,I mean loved it!!!!!! .It was like a friend to her.It would be a dream come true. However her parents were not interested, they wanted her to be a doctor.20 years later she became a space explorer



My trip to the museum

I went to the museum on Friday .The guide called John brought us around the museum and he brought us to an object from space. The object looks like a tree .The tree dropped onto the ground and it made a big bang and it is used for hypnotising people and when it dropped onto the ground everybody who was close to it they got hypnosis and they are hypnotised to this day.

My Letter to the world

Dear world in the future,

I am leaving earth to go to mars. Earth has been invaded by overpopulating animals. There is no more room on this earth and they refuse to share. We are leaving on a rocket called The Hab. It can fit seventeen billion people and has many different resources on board. If you find this message, just know that we will return someday when the robots have exterminated  the unnecessary  amount of living things. We will hopefully see you soon, please keep this as a historical artefact



The people of earth