Invisible me

Hello my name is Rosina .I was in science class when me and my friend were being kind of  silly  we were doing an experiment with these sort of potions we call them . really they have a very fancy science  name on them  .so any way we had to make an explosion happen but as I was saying my friend and I we were messing and mixed up the wrong  liquids it exploded on me and that’s when my friend screamed YOUR INVISIBLE! I ran straight to the bathroom I checked in the mirror there was nothing there oh no I was invisible . I was shocked at first but then I realised what I could do

1.I could not show up to school but pretend to my mam I’m going

2.I could steal my sister’s sweets

3.I could change my test answers

4.I could take some of my sister’s clothes

5.I could scare my sisters

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