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The shadows

Allette started to run from the sorcerer.
“Stop following me Maneo I know you’re not my dad anymore…”Shouted Allette “so don’t treat me like it!”
“I know,’’ said Maneo “But you can’t find your twin there are so many villages to the east!’’
“How will you find her?”
It went silent for a second…
All you could hear was the wind. Nothing for five whole minutes.
“She doesn’t look like you know “said something but she knew it wasn’t Maneo.
Allette shivered in fear and started to whimper…
“You will never find her” “give up already” “what’s the point of this” all of these voiced flooded her brain.
Maneo came running over, but Allette pushed him away. Her Birthmark on her cheek turned-Red…

The human-wolf.

Ava is 13 and Jenny (the human-wolf) has taught her everything she needs to know, about how to survive in the forest.
“I’m up, let’s go hunt!” Jenny said
“Dad where going to hunt.” Ava said to Alex
“OK.” Alex replied.
As they went to hunt for deer they heard a noise it was…………Ava’s fake family. Ava was silent, they caught deer and ran home as quick as a flash.
“Mum who was that?” Ava questioned
“NO ONE DEER!” Jenny shouted in shock.

on the bedside

The jewel sat there still on the kings bedside table.
A red ruby sat there shining and glistening.
Then the dark blue sapphire reflecting on the sun.
As it all started shaking…
A girl and a boy called.
Tim and Bella.
They rushed up to the room with the fancy stairs and fluffy carpet
They took the jewels in stealth mode they were nervous
When they walked out of the room they made a creak …To be continued


The haunted school

The boy ran across the hallway as a physcopath came chasing him with a sharp stick

He found a classroom and hid under the desk as he said “Where are you…”  As he breathed heavily

The boy ran finally ran away from the creepy, abandoned school “Phew” he said as he sighed in relief



What happened…

Nathaniel was running, he didn’t know who from. He heard many car noises, too afraid. He saw a black van named ‘shelter’.

He ran to the van and it was a really deluxe place. He rested in a great place but, all of a sudden, the van was moving. He couldn’t get out… It got darker and darker……

It then was eerie, so very eerie. A tall black, plain beast then opened the door….. “Nathaniel…. your mine…. “AHHHHHHHH”…………

the sunny beach

One day there was two children named Ryan and Bryony but there was also a third friend but she was late and her name was Demi but when Demi got there Bryony and Ryan were eating vanilla and chocolate ice cream also they were splashing in the tiny tide pools Demi had finally arrived so Bryony handed Demi  a vanilla ice cream and they all splashed in the tiny tide pools.

The old gray box

Terry ran into class, “Sorry I’m late miss.” He sat down in a rush and glanced at his hands, staring at what looked like a old box. “Anything you’d like to share?” Said a girl called Alice in a squeaky voice. “N-no miss.” The room became silenced. Terry realised after a few seconds. His eyes teared up and he burst in embarrassment. He opened the old, gray box and grabbed a ruby necklace. “Oh gran.. how I miss you..” Terry mumbled. A tear fell down his eye and he held the necklace tight.
Wondering how and why his gran left him he dozed of into a day dream..

Bob Ross,the boy who can’t stop lying

He was lost in his thoughts,”John Travolta,no.” then “Elton John,no.” “Bob Ross!” He blurted out. “Oh…well I’m Allison.” She said with a confused look on her face then added “Max said your name was Simon,Simon Cowell,”. He looked away as his mind raced again. “I-…Everyone says that!” He knew he had to lie,he couldn’t stop it.”What a peculiar boy…I wonder what his name is,there’s so many things people say,can I even trust him?” Allison wondered walking down the quiet hallway,doubting she would encounter such a strange person again.