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The molten dragon

Now we interrupt your latest news session with some shocking breaking news the  species the molten dragon has been spotted after being deemed as an extinct animal. The creature has said to have been soaring through mid-day breeze in a small town .

Dragon hunters recruiting!

Dragon hunters are being recruited now and you’ll be equipped with all the correct equipment for the job and a ton of money if you catch the electric dragon, a dragon who has evaded all of the previous hunters and poses the biggest threat to the city.

The Night Eater

A dragon has been discovered please stay away from Mount Cordial in east everywhere. It’s in every country. This dragon is called Night Eater it comes out at night and eats your nightmares but sometimes gets mixed up with good dreams… Be….Careful.  Again Breaking News !! Also, we need a slayer. You will get £1000 per day per dragon, by the end you could be dead or a millionaire. If you take this job you will be risking your own life ; but we would be so appreciate of your good deed. Men or Women can do this job; 10 people will be chosen. You may tame them or you may kill them. DO NOT KILL THE BABIES AND CRACK THE EGGS! The babies are harmless at that moment of time so if you train them as babies they will grow up to be a brilliant Night Eater. Thank you for listening stay safe all of you.

Wanted-Dragon Hunter

Do you have the ability to tame a Gold Digger Dragon?  Are you prepared to be a hero? If  you think this job suits you, you will be required to:

  • Travel around the mystical woods
  • Tame  mythological beasts
  • Own one of the tamed beasts as a pet
  •  Be rewarded  millions of pounds


Catch that Dragon

Do you have the ability to catch the Christmas dragon?If you do please help us to make it like Christmas again or make it explode. because it is destroying Christmas for everyone in the entire world especially   for children.If you ever do catch the dragon you will be rewarded with a £999,000,000 and you don’t have to wear a mask ever again until the entire corona virus ends.

The rainbow dragon

The rainbow dragon was a dragon that showed peace when its parents gave birth to it. When it sees its parents showing their elements together give it a signal to expel its rainbow body all over. However, it stops it because expelling the rainbow makes it sleep for an entire forty days and nights. While it sleeps, its enemy (the lightning dragon) attempts to kill the rainbow dragon.

the snowy dragon

The snowy dragon rampaging through the village slaughtering human by human breathing ice against the abandoned houses scowling to the top of its voice then flew away to the rocky mountain where he lives and sees poaches trying to throw spears then they froze then sprinted away as fast as a darting cheetah screaming  curses to the sky and they were never to be seen again.

The winter Day

In the middle of the winter,  the extremely humongous winter dragon was very dangerous because of its incredible hunger from it 2 month hibernation in the snowy mountains.