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The devil unicorn

The devil unicorn can hypnotise anyone if you stare into its deadly eyes. Its devil ears are pointy and its   eyes are blood red. Its rare to see a sighting of this species. For the past year reports about the devil unicorn in the Antarctica have increased. This bad because the devil unicorn is used to warmer areas. However, the devil unicorns have evolved to become an ice unicorn from the freezing temperature. The ice unicorns are very dangerous, because when it loses its temper it shoots sharp rays of ice. Scientific discoveries say that the ice unicorn should be able to transform back into the devil unicorn if they can hold control. Last week, on the news there was shown that someone tried to pet the devil/ice unicorn and they had gotten eaten alive.

What are?

What are fast? A cheetah hunting for a gazelle and a spreading germ.

What are slow? A snail running from a bird and a school term.


What are lonely? A baby cow taken away from its friends, a silver husky running away from home and a red tree frog jumping into a hole.

What are lonely? A friend’s dark grave, a willow tree getting stuck by lightening and a Hondurus white bat, flying in the dark alone.


What are cold? A group of friends leaving someone out, a snowman’s body on a cold winter night and a comedian’s sense of humour.

What are delicate? A red rosy heart, an antique book and the paws of a puma.

I wonder what is this and what is that?

What are good? An angelic angel and a helpful buzzy bee.

What are bad? A demonic demon and the haunted sea.


What are tall? A lemon giraffe, an orange crane and an apple tree.

What are tall? My 8ft dad, the Eiffel Tower and a colossal see-through ***********.


What are cold? An icicle being smashed by the Titanic, the snow as it hits the ground from a cloud and a fresh ice-cube being moulded in the freezer.

What are soft? A silk blanket, a mammoth teddy bear and the mozzarella cheese on a pizza.

Interesting things that are…

What are big? A school and an ocean.

What are small? A baby mule and an empty bottle of lotion.


What are long? The trail of a travelling snail, the wait from Monday to Sunday and the time it takes for a weeping willow to grow.

What are short? A ten minute wait, a three page long book and a pencil that has been sharpened over thirty times.


What are heavy? Three angry elephants all piled on top of each other, a hard, red-bricked school and an amazing tiger statue made of solid gold.

What are light? A soft feather slowly floating down from a tree top, a silk dress for a little child and a tiny piece of bread with a section of mould.

What are…

What are soft? A small teddy and a blanket of sea foam.

What are hard? A one tonne weight and a shiny, hard metal dome.


What are heavy? A huge grey African elephant, a red double decker bus driving through London and a snooker table.

What are heavy? A brick building, a grey blue whale and a pink sweet shop.


What are silent? Mice crawling across the floor, a class sitting an English test and a cat lying on a red mat.

What are wicked? Death’s magical hourglass, a ghoul guarding a cave and the hiss of a witch’s black cat.

It’s what they are

What is swift? A spotted cheetah darting across the savannah, a reptilian creature about to seize its prey and a soaring sparrow, swooping towards the surface.

What is unrushed? A lethargic snail creeping along a brick wall, a three-toed sloth hanging lazily from a tree branch and an emerald coloured tortoise lumbering across the desert sand.

What is loud? A shrill alarm ringing as an emergency takes place, children yelling in excitement as they leave for the summer holidays and an abundance of people screaming at a rock concert.

What is quiet? The calm wind brushing against my face, a hamster’s paws padding across sawdust and the soft whispers of children, ensuring that secrets are safe.

What is bright? The sun as it sits high up in the pale blue sky, the stars as they glisten on a sheet of dark velvet and the moon as it reflects the sun’s light.

What is dull? The clouds as the rain starts to fall, fog as it swirls around us all and the sadness you feel as you start a bad day.

I’m sure you can guess.

What are fragile? A darting sparrow, an outgoing peacock and a gently fluttering moth.

What are strong? A swift pterodactyl, a huge wave of seawater and a slow, energy-conserving, three-toed sloth.

What are small? A minute crawling insect and a little clump of grass.

What are large? A loudly roaring polar bear and crates in a huge mass.

What are sad? The fact of deforestation, a cold, lost friendship and a lost family member like a missing jigsaw piece.

What are happy? A reunited loved one, a friendship midnight feast and a ended world war peace.

What is untidy? My hair in the morning and a bedroom mess.

And what is an ending? I’m sure you can guess.

What is…

What are cold? The UK weather on a daily basis, ice in my refreshing drink on a summers day and snow covering my garden like a soft, white blanket.

What are hot? The sun shining on me during a competitive water fight, the fire in my house that warms up the living room during a cold day and the fire from a dangerous dragon breath in a fairy tale book.

What are heavy? The rocks found near the edge of Marsden Beach, bricks on the dusty ,old floor of a forest and the maths books box in my classroom.

What are light? The pens and pencils found inside my pencil case, feathers that have floated to the floor on a winters day and paper ready to be used by pupils of Greenside Primary School.

what is…

What is loud ? An elephant’s trunk sneezing in a mega phone that is located in a bear’s cave.

What is funny ? a clown juggling 8 bowling pins and then dropping them.

What is sad ? dropping your ice cream on a rainy day in the UK.

What is salty ? Something salty is caviar on top of salt and vinegar crisps .

What is hot ? dyno nuggets freshly out of the oven .

What is cold ? vanilla ice cream straight out of the freezer on a winters day .

What is fragile ? A vase that has just been sent from china .