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Malkin aggressively pushed his front paws on the flight deck glass window and looked out. The silver aircraft was on their tail. The swirl of its massive propellers and the swoosh of its aerodynamic hull slicing through the air sent a scary shiver of horror through his clockwork mechanisms.


The bright neon fox tore his twinkling eyes away and looked repetitively at his master. John’s aircraft, Dragonfly, was speedy but she had nothing in the way of firepower. The sparkling silver aircraft, by contrast, bristled with weapons. A harpoon smashed through the clouds and thumped into Dragonfly’s hull.  Crash! Another harpoon poked the stern.


Malkin forced out a bark of a warning as the stench of burning gas filled up the air. The shiny silver aircraft started to pull them in. John locked Dragonfly’s wheel and engaged her autopilot before slamming open the brown door of the escape pod ‘come on Malkin!’ he shouted. John put down a pouch around the long neck of his best friend saying, ‘head for Brackenridge, give this to Lily and say to her that I love her so much!’


Jack’s Sky ship Adventure

Jack travelled quickly over the forest in his blue sky ship.

Jake tapped Jack with his paws and stared out at the boosted, powerful jet.

It flew without boost power towards the sky ship.

“He’s flying right towards us, call for the SOS helicopter”.

Airship adenture

Malking pushed his paws against the window and peeked out. The shiny airship was still behind them, closing in fast. The roar of its propellers and the swish of its razor sharp hull slicing through the air made a cold feeling of fear inside the cogs.

The fox pulled his eyes away and gazed at his master. Johns dragonfly was fast but didn’t have the weopons to protect itself. The shiny airship was loaded with many weopons. Aharpoon shot across the sky and crunched into dragonflys hull. Crash!!! Another harpoon punches through the stern.

Sky ship Mission


Sky ship Mission

  1. I would take a courageous compass, which always wants to explore.
  2. I would take the sword of shadows, that protects you from dark demons.
  3. I would take a never ending notebook, so no discovery goes undocumented.
  4. I would take a magical map, showing the home of the charmed unicorns.
  5. I would take a curious camera, which is always taking pictures.
  6. I would take a peaceful potion, that makes everyone around fall asleep.
  7. I would take an enchanted eagle, to help see into the future.
  8. I would take a Rubik’s cube, because sky ship travel can be slow going.


Dragon poem

The dragon’s eyes sparkled like diamond in the sky.

His fiery breath was hot a lava.

Steaming smoke spilled from his nostrils.

His silvery scales, tough as armour.

His was steep like the ridge of a mountain.

Quietly resting in his colossal cave.

My sky ship adventure

An invisible jar of majestic memories to provide me with never ending smiles and comfort.

A magical flying carpet to glide gracefully over rugged mountains.
A wonderfully wicked wand to warn away Wolves.
A jar of fire flies to direct me through the dense dark wood.
A bottomless bowl to bestow boundless food.
A Durango’s tail to shield me against any enemies.
Fur lined robotic boots to give me warmth and keep moving when I’m weary.
A velvety pouch of glistening jewels to buy information to aid my adventure.
An invisibility cloak made of amour to protect me as I sneak through the forest.

An extraordinary atlas to conduct me through the untold terrain.


Malkin pressed his soft, fluffy paw against the hard transparent window. The golden airship was still stalking them rapidly. Its knife like propellers silver, metallic propeller roared like a dragon spreading terror through the steel clockwork innards.

The airship journey

Foxy pushed his paws on the icy crystal clear window and glared out. The pearly silver airship was still in pursuit. Foxy started panicking frantically from the noise of the deafening noise of the propellers.

Foxy turned towards his master, Billy stared back as panic rushed through him. His ship Firefly may be the fastest but the pearly silver airship was covered in lots of tough weapons.

Billy heard a loud noise as a harpoon crashed into Firefly. Crash bang, a second harpoon stabbed the stem. The Firefly started to fill with burning gas, Foxy let out a loud yelp as the pearly silver airship pulled them in.

Billy commanded Foxy to go into the escape pod. He fixed a pouch around Foxy’s neck and told him to “head to Poole, give this to Emily and say i love her.”

My airship adventure

Abigail pushed her fuzzy five paws on the bars and stared out . The rose gold sky ship was still catching up with the person they were following. the hiss of the propellers and the whoosh of its sword sharp hull slashing through the air sent a shook of horror through the oiled engine.

The fox bore her glimmering eyes away and gazed at her master. Joe’s ship Bella was speedy she had all the weapons she needed in the back however the silver sky ship she was following had no weapons at all.



airship adventure

Sophie shoved her forepaws on the flight deck window and looked out. The blue noisy airship was in front of them. The whizzing of it’s propellers and slicing of the jagged hull slashing through the sky.