Malkin aggressively pushed his front paws on the flight deck glass window and looked out. The silver aircraft was on their tail. The swirl of its massive propellers and the swoosh of its aerodynamic hull slicing through the air sent a scary shiver of horror through his clockwork mechanisms.


The bright neon fox tore his twinkling eyes away and looked repetitively at his master. John’s aircraft, Dragonfly, was speedy but she had nothing in the way of firepower. The sparkling silver aircraft, by contrast, bristled with weapons. A harpoon smashed through the clouds and thumped into Dragonfly’s hull.  Crash! Another harpoon poked the stern.


Malkin forced out a bark of a warning as the stench of burning gas filled up the air. The shiny silver aircraft started to pull them in. John locked Dragonfly’s wheel and engaged her autopilot before slamming open the brown door of the escape pod ‘come on Malkin!’ he shouted. John put down a pouch around the long neck of his best friend saying, ‘head for Brackenridge, give this to Lily and say to her that I love her so much!’


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