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The School.

As Hanna was walking in a unusual place, as she was walking she came across this school like a abandoned school. Being curious Hanna decided to go into the school. While in the school exploring she found a tiny room, there was scratching and screaming coming from the room. Hanna was curious and decided to go into the tiny room, she was horrified with what she saw, she seen a little girl sitting in a chair screaming, she was going to let the girl free but she vanished. Hanna swore she would never go there again.





Season haiku


Ice-cream is melting

On a warm and sunny day

Quick give it a lick!


The sun heats the sea

Making it nice to swim in

Don’t forget your towel!


Glare from the bright sun

Putting my sun-glasses on

Sun-bathing oooohhhh yeah!!!!!


Over grown purple plant covers a hearth .

Ancient mouldy wood with a chestnut and fawn door .

Cobalt roof looking new but rusty hinges looking old.

Beaten up window boarded up.

Lonely and forgotten only a pot a friend.


There is an old shed

on the grounds of my school.

It leans to the right  and leaks like a sieve.

It’s cracked and broken and covered in mould.

It’s easy to see that it is in need of some care –

the door is ancient and can barely close.




The shed sits in wait on the cold hard slab.

The pitched roof partly covered by leaves blending into the garden.

The timber door damp weathered and seasoned held screwed by the russet hinges.

Planted pot terracotta red in stark contrast to the ship-lap panels.


Tatty roof full of overgrown plants leaning above the rusty door.

The vintage walls clattering like planks of wood.

The damp wood blocking the long gone window.



Abandoned shed left all alone forgotten and rusting.

Overgrown plants starting to take over the sandpaper roof.

Hazel brown wood is fading its colour as if it’s flowing down the river

Murky path so unloved and frustrated just wants to be cared for like a new born lamb.


Chilly snowflakes

Falling twinkling from the sky.

Icy snow crunching


Under foot strong and firm

Frozen lakes white and blue

inviting me in.