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Chapter 1 – the leaving

Finally, they were ready to go.

That evening, a message arrived describing that the Gorm were only a couple of miles away from the calm Steep water warren. Nobody would be safe with them around. The old warrens walls had been carefully made many Bramblemas days ago although they looked strong they were not. Its tunnels would never survive an attack from the evil Gorm.

So it was that the three little lop-eared rabbits, Pipkin, Pasco and baby Prue left home. Their journey would take some time just to get to safety, first they have to pass through the Dark water forest, then cross over the fiery hills until they reach the rock caves of Splinter Holm. Even the Gorm could not enter that mighty warren. Once the rabbits reach their destination, they would be save from the Gorm. Other rabbits had chosen to go elsewhere but Pipkin’s mother had told them strictly to go to Splinter Holm and had given them an antique map to lead the way. Unfortunately, their mother was to old to travel so she stayed and hid in the forest.

Gripping the map tightly, the terrified little rabbits stumbled through the Dark Water forest. The trees towered over them making them feel like mice. Dangerously, Pipkin took the lead. Pulling his winter coat closer to trap the misty and frosty air from taking the warmth from under his coat. Wherever he looked he imagined to see the sharp blood red eyes of a hungry wolf ready to leap.

Stumbling behind Pipkin, Pasco and baby Prue wearily tried to catch up with their older brother. Pasco tried to make it fun for Prue until she could feel the poor baby shivering. As the beautiful sun started to set Pipkin and Pasco went to find some logs to make a shelter for the night. After a while, they got back a build a small tee-pee next to an old oak tree. Soon they were finished and settled down inside the           tee-pee so they could have some of the food their mother packed then they hade a well deserved rest, as Pipkin fell asleep his mind filled with dreams of what Splinter Holm would be like and would they ever even reach it…?

Looking after a baby unicorn

Have you ever looked into buying a baby unicorn, but not knowing how to look after it? If so, your in luck!


First, build or buy a glass dome to keep it in.

Next, add a trough of food and water to keep it alive.

After that, throw some blanket or tarpaulin on top of half the dome as shade.

Once you’ve done that, add pillows and more blankets as a place to sleep.

Finaly, show your unicorn to there new place to stay.

How to look after a nature unicorn

How to look after a nature unicorn

Where to keep it

First:you will need to find and clear a space in your house or you might be better off having it in the garden with shelter.


Next: you must get the hose and special nature unicorn shampoo/Conditioner get the unicorn drenched then add a product (shampoo/conditioner)


Thirdly: you never dry the nature unicorn because their power is they can do anything they want so they have the fun trying to find one of their powers to dry themselves with.


Nature unicorns love every fresh food so everything given to the unicorns must be FRESH FOOD NO SHOP BOUGHT.

BED (yay)

To get the unicorn to sleep it has to be taken for a ride of a walk through nature them it shall be as easy as ever to get it to bed


Hope this is very helpful BYE!!!!!!!!!

How to look after a baby Kraken

How to look after a baby Kraken.

Been given a Kraken? Need to know how to raise and fulfil its every need? Then look no further! For £49.99, we are going to send you an instruction manual to cater for its every need! But wait, there’s more!

Call in the next 10 minutes and receive a free cruise ship toy for it to play fetch with! For free!


  • A man-made island in the middle of a trade route
  • An evil lair
  • A self brought storm cloud that causes turmoil and chaos
  • A screwdriver


First of all, train your Kraken to come to you at the sight of a screwdriver (in case of house repairs).

Next, gently pet it with the screwdriver so it doesn’t harm you, just ships.

Once trained, release into the wild and wait 10 hours in a hope to catch it on National Geographic.

Remember, a Kraken isn’t just for Christmas…

The Investigation of the dragon sighting

We are interrupting this programme to announce a light blue dragon has been spotted in the market center although this dragon is seemed to be friendly, please take precautions when approaching this enchanted beast. We have discovered some more further information.

We have found out that this dragon loves to be able to see the sun which is sort of odd so our professional scientists are looking more into the matter. Another new fact that has only recently been discovered is that this dragon has been seen to shapeshift into it’s surrounding so keep clear for any abnormal behaviour.

Our dragon police are trying to get rid of this unique creature.

We will keep you informed if we discover any further information. Until further notice please keep in mind dogs should be on leads at all times and drive slowly.

Thank you for reading this important news.

Local Breaking News

This morning a report has been reported by a little girl called Bonnie about a Unicorn spotted near the local corner shop. She saw it and her mouth dropped open. The Unicorn had: a white body, a rainbow main and tail, pointy ears, shinny blue hooves and a rainbow horn. Bonnie slowly walked up to it and it shook its head as if to say, “Hello” so Bonnie said “Hello” back.

A Unicorn in Bristol

Plum Sylvester, correspondent The Mystical Post

We are interrupting this programme to bring you breaking news of a sighting of a Unicorn near Bristol Zoo. It was seen yesterday at 2.45pm by two elderly ladies who were walking with their dogs, when suddenly they started barking like mad.

When I arrived at the scene the police had cordoned off the entrance to the Zoo and there were lots of photographers trying to catch sight of the Unicorn. I went to talk to the ladies that had seen the Unicorn who said it landed nearby and had a bright white glow surrounding it with it’s Unicorn colours glowing brightly.

They say that Unicorns are thought to be good and pure creatures with magical powers. We understand their horns have powers to heal wounds and sickness and neutralize poison. This is a very rare situation as Unicorns are very difficult to catch or see.

bright Summers Day

A warm summers day

I want to paint the memory of a bright summers day on a beach.I want to paint the taste of a sweet but savoury lemon ice cream.I want to paint the smell of my mums turkey dinner on a Sunday evening. I want to paint the taste of waffles with syrup on a Monday morning. I want to paint the smell of a cherry blossom Yankee candle on a warms Saturday night. I want to paint the memory of a raging storm with vivid lightning. I want to paint the smell of a egg omelet at the crack of dawn. I want to paint the taste of  fig roll as a treat.