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The 3 deers

Let me introduce you to Bambi, Robin and Polly. The are all deer that got sent to be alone because their parents sadly passed away now they all have a room which is in the Willow tree of wishes. Wishing to the tree they would see their parents again they did not understand that their parent would not come back. Although I understand why they would believe it because this tree granted wishes and the river flows through the tall trees But the next day everyone got the news from Mrs Peanut the squirrel. What could the news be?!


Odysseus in Ithaca chapter 1

Exited, Odysseus landed on Ithaca were Athena stood tall and proud and told Odysseus he needed a disguise as suitors were in his palace. With a disgruntled look on Odysseus’ face Athena waved a hand Odysseus looked like an old man.

The end of Odysseus

Scared,Odysseus was turned into an old man but suddenly, he came across a castle and in it was the terrifying Menalaus staring at Odysseus.                                                                                                             Odysseus heard a beautiful voice of Helen and she said pleasantly please don’t kill the old man please what if the old man is kind.

Mighty Odysseus

Meet Odysseus, Penelope, and Telemachus the main characters for this adventurous story.

Excitingly, Odysseus had arrived in Ithaca (his home).He had arrived with his son Telemachus.Meanwhile Penelope is being pressurised by the suitors (in the palace). Odysseus and Telemachus set of on their exciting journey.They went up hills and down hills until they finally arrived at their destination.What are they going to do now?

Soon after, Odysseus disguised himself as an old man so he could get into the castle. Annoyingly, Odysseus sadly found out that Penelope was being pressurised to marry one of the suitors.When will he strike next?

The return

The once strong and powerful Odysseus, had finally returned from Troy but had not revived the welcome he had expected, while he had been away, back at his kingdom of rocky Ithaca there  had been nearly nothing but trouble and carnage   between the suitors and his wife Penelope.
After his visit from Athene he was now going on  as an old man until he had the information he needed to save his son who the suitors planed to murder on his return from Sparta where he went in search of news about his father.After many nights and days Odysseus re-entered his feasting hall for the first time in nineteen years ;as an old bigger asking for food.All he received was the potent smell off wine and the deafening cry’s and laughter of the suitors.But what is next for the old bigger Odysseus?

The devastation…

Odysseus – disguised as an old beggar – entered the grand  great golden feasting hall of his. Pitiful,he desperately begs for the unique special taste of the rich food that the suitors had savagely stolen. Livid about how the suitors had carelessly vandalised his beautiful palace.

Odysseus the fearsome warrior

Odysseus, the mighty hero who has been away for 19 years from his beloved wife Penelope and his 19 year old son Telemachus, is trying to stop the Suitors from marrying his wife.

He enters the glistening golden hall disguised as an old beggar. Odysseus sees the Suitors and immediately wants to kill them. But, he holds himself back. Instead he starts begging for food. If Odysseus reveals himself now the Suitors will kill him and he will not get to see Penelope ever again.

Athene told him on the beach about how the Suitors  are trying to steal Penelope of him. She discussed Odysseus and told him not to reveals  himself to the Suitors. But will Odysseus stop the Suitors  from Marrying Penelope?

The fierce escape

Fiercely, Podkin positively climbed up the tree and had obviously overcome his frightening fear of heights.

Podkin sadly sat silently, so all he could hear and see was birds chirping, and the blan black sky staring down at him. Podkin, prayed to stay alive. But then, he suddenly forced himself to fight the Gorm!

But, he miserably failed and started to run for his life! His only choice now, was to hide. If he didn’t hide, the Gorm would’ve gruesomely eaten him! If he runs, he will get caught, and then he’d be rabbit soup!

What would he choose? He has to get out, but it would mean his life when he could hide and be safe. But when would he see his family again?

How to feed a dragon !

1. First, you now need an enclosed space to keep it safe from predators and keep it from escaping.

2.Secondly,it will need thirteen pounds of meat but it needs to have vegetables to keep it healthy.

3.Occasionally, bond with it, as a result it will treat you like cage food.

How to train your unicorn

If you needed to know, this is how you train your unicorn (or look after it.) Before you do anything, you should construct a shelter and form a healthy diet. If this is not formed, ( the diet)  the unicorn will have severe problems when it next uses the toilet…

It is guaranteed that if you keep it refreshed and energised, it can stay in a good mood so it is more overjoyed. If you found this helpful, many more suggestions are waiting for you to read them!