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Chapter one- The Gorm attack

As the Gorm crashed into the warren, Pomkin, Prasc and Pooh got scooped and taken to the bedroom by cousin Evie.

“Why the bedroom, ”scoffed Pomkin ,”It’s useless.”

Wanting to help defend, the children listened to the scraping of iron swords from not far away, whilst Evie rummaged through the now messy bedroom for something. 


Eventually, Evie gasped, ”Yes!”

She handed a mysterious box gently to the rabbits and asked if they were going to open it or not. In astonishment, Prasc looked at what was inside. What was it? A piece of old parchment paper gleamed until a map appeared. Evie examined the map, making sure it was ok and brang it out. “It’s a mag9c map, now take good care of it. ”And with that she played a tune on the mini keyboard in the right corner. Magically, a set of grand double doors appeared . “What the…” Prasc sat glaring at it.

“Hurry up!” shouted Evie as she viciously shoved them and the map inside.


The children protested, especially Pooh, who screamed at the top of his small lungs.

“I’m going to get a massive bruise in this place,” Prasc complained. However, Evie didn’t care whatsoever and slammed the door shut. Unexpectedly, it opened again because Pomkin forced it open as she forgot to lock it. “Please. ”argued Pomkin.

“I’m so sorry guys it has to be done”

Worryingly, they heard the booming stomps of the iron Gorm coming up the stairs.

“Listen, that’s the Gorm go for your own safety please! ”As a result, the posh doors flung shut with an almighty crash.


On the other side of the untidy bedroom, Prasc made an announcement, “Guys we can do this, I’ll take charge for now -Oh and Pom, we have to keep Pooh under control.”

“I’m scared Prasc.”uttered Pomkin.

“We have got this. It’ll be fine.”

Whilst they tried to keep hope levels high, all the rabbits were shivering, as they walked down the dark dusty tunnel.


Meanwhile, the walk was getting tiring, bey Pomkin refused tourist for a single second. Anyhow, Prasc had had enough and forced him to lay down to sleep.

“I still don’t think it’s safe.”

“Well what if the Gorm is waiting outside and we are tired, exactly, we will be dead. Anyways if we turn out that candle on the wall.” declared Prasc. It was true though, Pooh was already asleep in the gentle arms of Prasc. Soon they all drifted off ,other than Pomkin, since he was thinking about the dangers of the lead Gorm Death-Eater then he thought he heard stomping noises from above just like the Gorms’…

Escape from home .

    As the Gorm breaks into their warren Aunty Star rushed us into the bedroom shockingly a magical tunil showed up out of nowhere she gave them protection to survive .Katie had ninja stars ,Kiron had a magical sword and Kiyo had a staff . They wanted to see their dad but… 8 hours later they found a letter telling them they were in danger so they moved to a safer,secrete place ,the Dark Forest, Kiron falls asleep immediately .When he woke up he remembered the map his mum and dad had given him and decided to follow it.


Katie kept trying to grab the map off Kiron because she knows that she is smarter than him and that she needs to be in charge . Katie attempts to calm Kiyow down as he was crying loudly,she tries her finest to . They started to really worry about their parents .They started to think if they were safe or not ,every one began to get panicky and terrified because they did not want to die.Katie kept complaining that she has to be leader because she was smarter and knows the way however he wouldn’t let her Kiyow kept saying that he wanted his mum and dad but Katie could not tell him the truth .Kiron thought that it would be safer to sleep at the end of the tunnel so if anything happened then they could dash out safely.When they finally got to the end they found the box and a key . Kiron opened it and inside was food and clothes from mum and carrots and bedding from dad a letter from mum saying she loved them made them all cry.


Being so upset they found it hard to sleep Kiron was alarmed when he herd a banginh sound and stomping coming towards them they all tried to escape but realised they were trapped.

Chapter One: The escape

Chapter One: The Escape


They were ready to leave!

That very night, chaos struck, making everyone panic and dash around trying to stay alive.

The Gorm! The evil, energetic beasts, which have rusty-red eyes, invade the calm, peaceful community ( The Warren). With great fear, three little rabbits and their Auntie trampled up some cracking,rotting stairs and into the bedroom. 


Twix ( the eldest sister) was packing Carrot cake, cheeses, bread and a selection of berries until Dook ( the baby boy) started to cry with fear. Auntie Tulip, who was packing water bottles and clothing, gave Popkin ( The next chief) a map of the county. 

“ Keep this map Popkin as this will Guide the way”,  she spoke as a single,grey tear trickled down her cheek then falling on the muddy floor.

“ Of course I will”, said Popkin bravely trying not to burst into tears.


Auntie Tulip unlocked a secret trap door beneath a tattered,old carpet in the bedroom.

She pointed at it to go in. Popkin reluctantly went into the dark, cold tunnel with Twix and Dook; Popkin looked as if he was going to faint! 

“ When are we out of this compact tunnel”, he spoke in a rude like tone.

“ SHUSH do you want to be killed, we are almost there according to the map”, Twix declared annoyed, carrying a sleeping Dook in her arms.


Moments later, Twix and Popkin finally saw a white, bright moon upon a black, velvet sky surrounded in tiny balls of flame. The three rabbits were worn out , as Dook remains asleep Twix and Popkin were dozing off! 

“We need to find shelter I think it’s going to snow”, Popkin announced, looking for shelter. 


They were in Frost Forest with old,oak trees covered in thick ice. They found a small abandoned house that seemed to be okay to rest until their journey to Home-farm Kingdom was fulfilled. The little rabbits munched on bread and cheese and drank freezing cold water until…

The Gorm! You could hear the footsteps and roars not far from where they were heading towards Frost Forest. The children ran far finally away from the Gorms loud footsteps and roars. But will they live or has the Gorm followed them into the abyss… 

Chapter one

Chapter 1

The Hidden cave


Pudkin heard the sound of a letter that fell. He handed it to Pan because he couldn’t read well, it was a red envelope. They wondered if they should open it.Yes, Slowly opening the envelope it said that the the Gorm was in the warren with their father.. He might die! Aunty listened  to Pudkin read the letter, she grabbed their wrists and took them to the bedroom. They wondered where she was taking them,OUR FATHER IS GOING TO DIE! Aunty looked under Peek’s bed, there was a rusty looking piece of paper and something that looked like a dagger.


Aunty quickly went  down stairs and  two minutes later came back with a giant bag. She put the dagger and the rusty piece of paper in Pan’s hand which looked like a map to him.Aunty pulled a coat rack and they heard sounds of rocks, something slowly opened. It looked like  a cave! Aunty locked the door and gave Pudkin the bag of stuff, off you go said Aunty Pudkin and Pan sorrowfully walked into the cave, Peek didn’t want to go, Aunty picked him up and kissed his cheek.


And placed him in the cave, Peek cried while Pudkin was annoyed and angry and let us out “we need to save our dad”!. Pan sat down and curled in a ball sadly, THUD THUD up the stairs. “Bunnies bunnies where are you?” Pudkin stopped and whispered i think that’s the Gorm. Peek went silent. They heard the sound of Aunty screaming and whimpering. Is Aunty okay? said Peek yes she is said Pan wiping the tears off her face. Pudkin picked up Peek and cuddled him. They walked more into the cave, let’s look in the bag and said Pan  some food!. There’s a cupboard said Pudkin let’s look inside there’s some torches and matches, and PILLOWS! Shhh said Pan , we need to be quiet. Pan handed out some carrots.


After we ate them we placed some pillows on the ground Peek went to Pan and cuddled

When we see Aunty said peek, no one answered good night said Pudkin they all fell asleep apart from Pudkin, he sat down and 15 minutes later he fell asleep, are they safe?


Chapter one evacuation

Chapter one:The evacuation

Suddenly a big figure burst through the brown dark and gloomy roof of the warden and attacked immediately and more of them followed. The 3 fluffy little rabbits were frozen in horror as they could see their friends being killed by these rusty beasts.Then all of a sudden, a hand pulled them back.


When they jumped round they saw that it was their aunty. “Grab as many supplies as you can and take this popkin and guard it with your life”whispered aunt. Peter (the youngest one) ran and grasped his teddy by the arm and jumped into the tunnel. Tulip (the second oldest) packed a bag full of food and water and followed peter. Popkin followed behind them all and closed the trap door.Clambering down the damp disgust run down the tunnel they could hear screeches of those who have been overpowered and killed and the clattering of the rusty metal.While climbing down the tunnel they felt the rotten slimy posts supporting the tunnel up.


When they got out of the tunnel they got a big woosh of fresh oxygen but it was night time so they dashed through the freezing white  knee high snow into the oak forest while two Gorms chased them so they took refuge in a rotten slimy tree and they could hear the stomping and clattering of the gorms walking by the tree. This tree was so big they were able to sleep in it.

Chapter 1 – On the run

Chapter 1 – On the run 


Finally, Lucy ran into the bedroom to get the materials that were required for the journey. Lucy got some clothes, food, weapons, a map and a torch for them to see in the dark. When Lucy came from the cupboard, she gave Milly a cuddle to stop her from crying at the thought that she would be leaving her home. Lucy told them not to come here again or think of us. They gave advice to get to a place that is far away.


They got into the tunnel that their aunty opened. The tunnel was a slide that could take an hour or two to reach the bottom. The tunnel was dark and pitch black. Milly was afraid to leave her home that she had always loved but she and her brother and sister were about to start their journey. The tunnel was scary for the rabbits as they had never left their home before and now they were.


“Why did that Gorm come to our home?” asked Kiki, who wanted to head back to her home. 

“No idea why it came but can’t go there again because of what aunty said to us and if we go back we would be in danger,” said Jeath. Milly started to baill.


When they got out of the tunnel they found they didn’t know where they were. 

“Where are we?” asked Kiki scanning her surroundings.

“Maybe we are lost here in a place we don’t know;” told Jeth. Milly cried because she was cold and tired. Jeth and Kiki stopped to build a shelter and eat. They found some leaves and twigs to make the shelter but as they finished they heard the Gorm but they figured it was their imagination.


Will they be safe or did the Gorm follow them?

chapter 1 on the run

 Chapter 1 -on the run 

Finally,they were ready to leave 


That evening before dinner , a message has arrived form a bird huffing and puffing like it was dodging million fo gorms it said a trillion of  gorms  are on it’s always 5 or 6 could strode a little  bit of the warren  but a million could strode the woler warren !


So it was that the three rabbits, Liam,Bella and Oscar, their Grandad ( Jon) okay children  Liam  taker this  sorder   your dad told me to give  you this  when  the gorms  attacked and Bella your mum  told me to give you  this a map to  save  the  warren now go go ! A secret  door opened and all  the three rabbits  went down the tunnel which was a slide likely.  


 The little rabbit were traumatised as they hear gorms from the top of the tunnel as  it ocho down  a sound NO ONE ! Can out live in till the day they  die . As they  riles that  the  gorms could ketchup as  Liam, Bella and baby Oscar off to they journey Bella tries to maked it  fun but Oscar  feet turned into  blocks of ice so they stop and make a fire and a plush to sleep.


Will they  be safe  for the night or has the Gorm followed them?

Chapter 1 the evacuwashon

Chapter 1 – The  Evacuation


Arthur, Pop and Riz raced towards the bedroom, stumbling towards their clothes after the alert, grabbing maps, weapons and some food. The map showed a slide so mum came in and grabbed the bedpost and they slid down the long slide.


In the tunnel it was cold, dark and foggy. They felt all alone and scared. Athur, Pop and Riz were shaking with fear but they didn’t hesitate to jump in. Their feet felt like there was sand underneath them. It was dark and cold in the tunnel.


The bunnies, who were clutching each other, felt death in their heart. Baby Athur looked like he was gonna be sick. He felt warm and fuzzy. Athur said

“I’m tired and cold.” Pop looked at the map, they were in Lapland!


Finally, the slide ended with a thump. 

“Ow!” said Athur, rubbing his head

“Are you ok?” said Pop running to Athur. Riz picked him up.

“Athur are you ok?” said Riz.

“Ow!” said  Athur standing again. 

“I’m tired.” said Athur so they tried to find a place to stay. After making a tent they went to sleep. Are they ok or has the Gorm got them… 

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Gorm invasion


As Ret, Root and Rue sat and watched as the Gorm started their attack. Suddenly, They were graded from the darkness as they screamed in terror… Luckily it was anty trat. She dragged them to their mothers and fathers bedroom. Ret asked “why are we locked up in our parent’s bedroom?” There was no reply. The children stood and stared at the door as they heard the screech of iron on iron and screams of terror and fear. Then their aunt gave them something in linen cloth and then their aunt said “take this, we are here because there is a secret escape.” Suddenly a tunnel appeared in the ground and they were taken down into the tunnel. It was dark,damp and gloomy and they would have to go in it.


Aunty trat tries to get the protesting children in the gaping hole in the ground. Ret and Root squabble about how they are older and they can fight themselves and they can help and then Rue started wailing for his mum and dad. There was screeching and scraping sounds of the gorm coming upstairs. Their anty’s muscles tensed and they fell in the huge hole in the ground. The hole was as dark as midnight but in the distance there was low torch light.They darted  to the light  but the torch was stuck in the wall they tugged and tugged  and a secret tunnel opened and there was supplies  and a letter with writing that Ret couldn’t recognise  root took it and started to read 

It read:

You will find this if are worst nightmares are happen, take the  supplies and run fast and run far.


They started walking it was silent, deadly silent all Ret could think about is the letter from his mum and what would happen to his dad. Root could think about is were to go and the gorm. Rue ( who didn’t have a clue what was going on) was crying and being scared of the dark. Finally Ret asked “why would they hide this?” “I don’t know” replied Root “We are definitely lost!” yelled Root in rage. they found an opening after many hours. They were exhausted. Ret finally unraveled the linen cloth. There was a small copper axe that was dented, clawed and chipped. 


They went out for supplies. They got sticks, lots of sticks. As Root went for more and found a twisted, jagged tree that looked like it was made of iron. They layered mud on sticks that covered the hole and made moss beds. Root was worried about the tree. She told no one.

The Escape

Crack! The door was breaking. The Gorm were winning.Heather (the children’s mother/queen) suddenly appeared next to the kids terrare carved into her face. She tried to usher the young rabbits away. Taz holding Took while Todkin tried to slip away to help their father. Todkin glimpsed a nervous look on Taz’s face. “Why are we here? We need to go help” questions Todkin. They had arrived in the bedroom. Heather didn’t reply but instead started ransacking the room. While Took wailed, drowning out the cries of other rabbits down stairs.Finally, Heather found what she was looking for, it was an item wrapped in parchment paper. She gave it to Todkin. “I was told by your father if anything ever went wrong to bring you here and fear somethings gone wrong,” Heather whispered. She pulled a perfume bottle off the shelf and the sound of stone dragging began. A small holl next to the bed had appeared. Heather pushed the three children in.”AHH,” wailed Taz.It’s for your own good I’m sor…” Heather was cut off as she shut the door behind them.


It all went dark; that’s the last they heard of their mother.


They tumbled down the ancient tunnel. Finally, they reached flat ground and Took started crying her eyes out being very attached to her mother. Taz sat up after falling on the small parcel and then banged her head on the roof. “What should we do?” asked Todkin. “ don’t know but you open your present,” answered Taz. Todkin nodded and slowly opened it and as curiosity got the better of him he ripped out the object. It was a small knife and a note.”Give me the note!”she shouted as she snatched it out his hand. It read.


If you are reading this my children then my worst nightmare has happened. The knife is magic and you must protect it from the Gorm. It can cut anything but iron and you must remember whatever happens I love you all very much. Never forget that.


Silence filled the room. Then Taz spoke up “We should keep moving the Gorm will still be hunting. Also for the first time Took stopped crying and just held his head in sorrow. They crawled through the tunnel for hours in silence. Taz was leading as she had studied the tunnels many moons ago.”We should have stayed to help!” Todkin blurted out.”They would have slaughtered us all.” Taz replied.” I could have fought them,” mumbled Todkin. They kept on going.


Finally, they found a way out but it was a steep drop into a bed of snow. Suddenly, an ear splitting scratch of metal.”I think we’d be better of in here than out there,”Taz squeaked. They all nodded in unison . They all managed to fall asleep to restless night listening to the lullaby of screeching iron on iron