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Growth mindset

I have never swum with Great white sharks

but I have braved the icy sea of Bigbury sands.


I have never performed with Emma Watson

but I have acted with my brother for aa family Christmas embarrassment.


I have never strutted my way down a red carpet in Hollywood

but I have dawdled down the carpet in the British Museum.


I have never been on an epic adventure to Egypt, Athens or Rome

but I have survived the dull car journey of going to Cornwall, Devon or Dorset.


I have never visited Father Christmas in the most coldest of homes

but I have been to see my Great Aunt and Uncle.


But maybe later.

Hoping for more

I have never raced in a tournament,

but I have sat on a pony.


I have never tamed a feral dog,

but I have hugged my Aunt’s dog.


I have never swum in the Niagara falls,

but I have swum in a river.


I have never swam with dolphins,

but I have swam with fish in the sea.


I have never been wounded by a wildcat.

but I have been bitten by a dog.


I have never touched a penguin,

but I have stroked a duck.


I have never had my own dog,

but I have wished for one.

The things I have done.

I’ve never flown the Death Star into outer space

but I have flown to Spain in the summer holidays.


I’ve never taken part in the London marathon

but I have taken part in a Santa 5km run.


I’ve never experienced the New Year’s Eve fireworks display in London

but I have experienced the joy of our school’s fireworks night.


I’ve never stroked the silky, soft, white fur of a Polar bear

but I have stroked my dog’s luscious ginger fur.


I’ve never heard the melody of angels

but I have heard the sound of my brother and dad singing ‘Highway to Hell’ by ACDC.


I’ve never felt violent flames bouncing off my hand

but I have felt boiling hot tea spill down my top.


I have never won the Premiere League

but I have won a wrestling match with my brother.


I’ve never chatted with my hero Malala Yousafzai

but I have had many chats with my best friend Agnes.


I’ve never scaled Mount Everest

but I have scaled the smelly clothes mountain in my brother’s room.

Never have I

I have never found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

but i have dreamed about finding one.

I have never jumped to the moon

but i have leaped as high as i can on my trampoline.

I have never ran a marathon

but i have jogged in the garden.

I have never  baked for the queen

but i have cooked for my mum .

I have never sang with a celebrity

but i have grooved with my cousins.

I have never held a tarantula

but i have picked up my pet cat.

I have never climbed mount Everest

but i have clambered up the hill in Drews pond.


I have have never seen a volcano erupt

I have never seen a unicorn

but I have seen Icelandic pony’s running in the snow

I have never seen a volcano erupt

but I have seen a colossal geyser spray into the air , completely  covering me in steam

I have never heard the screech of an eagle

but I have heard the swooshing sound of a kingfisher as it hunts for prey

I have never pickpocketed anyone

but I have stolen my brothers ten pound note

I have never drawn  a famous art piece

but I have  drawn in my parents anniversary card’s

I have never competed in the Olympic’s swimming contest

but I have won in a swimming competition with my family

I have never tasted the queens rich cakes

but I have tasted my mum’s sweet chocolate cookies



Colours of the night sky

I want to paint…                                                                                                                                               the feeling of ripped red roses.                                                                                                                                               the sound of a poppy singing like a perfect summer day.

I want to paint…                                                                                                                                               the memory of my first summer.                                                                                                                the distance between smiles.                                                                                                                        the memory of my mum’s proud smile when she looks at me.

I want to paint….                                                                                                                                            the colours of the night sky as I drift of to sleep .                                                                                    the joy of small children as I walk past.                                                                                                      the distance between love and hatred

I want to paint ….                                                                                                                                           the smell of an old book on Christmas morning.                                                                                       the taste of a cookie on a snowy Christmas Day.                                                                                         the memory of my first Christmas

I want to paint …                                                                                                                                                 the smell of fresh petrol                                                                                                                                    the sound of a new engine.                                                                                                                        the memory of my first car ride

I want to paint my happiness

What I’d love to paint

I want to paint …

the owl hooting in the moonlight with the moon glimmering on the silky soft as white as snow .

the scent of the petroleum’s petal wafting through a wonderful window .

the sound of horses hooves clopping up a homey hill as quietly as a silent whisper.

I want to paint …

the smell of coffee in the white wanted kitchen.

the touch of snow on a white cold day .

the sound of a wolf howling in the moonlight like a deep growl.

I want to paint …

the children laughing and playing in the playground.

the soft slow of my mum sneezing inside of my room.

the dads laugh chuckling in the sunset with a faint laugh in the distens.

I want to paint the end of the day.


I want to paint…

the touch of my mums hand on mine.

the feel of my dogs fluffy fine fur.

the feeling of Christmas morning with my family.

I want to paint…

my family as happy as can be.

my dog as black as the night sky.

my nanny’s delicious homemade bread.

I want to paint…

the memory of Gemma, like she was right here next to me.

the memory of the first day I saw my brother.

the funny family photo I’ve always dreamed of.

the company of my mum.

I want to paint happiness.

The smell of Christmas

I want to paint-

the smell of freshly cooked Christmas dinner from the oven.

the smell of freshly baked bread from the bakers shop.

I want to paint-

the smell of a fresh engine start in the cold air to go and see family and friends.

the smell of a fresh hot chocolate witch smells like a malteaser.

I want to paint-

the smell of a freshly baked gingerbread men from the oven witch is as nice as eating biscuits with a cup of tea.

I want to paint the of feeling of being with family and friends.


I want to paint…

the taste of my Nan’s roast dinners like the best present on Christmas morning,

the taste of sausage sandwiches for breakfast there like  best taste ever .

i want to paint…

the memory of my friends together as we get closer by the minute,

the memory of my family at Cornwall sitting on the beach in the summers sun

the memory of baking with my Nan the beautiful baked cakes are the best .

I want to paint …

my cat sleeping in my bed like a silent angel ,

the feel of butterflies landing on my hand like a tickle running down my arm .

I want to paint myself at home .