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                                 BREAKING NEWS                 

We are bringing you breaking news! There has been a sighting down near Doncaster of a UNICORN. We go to Amilia Baggot for more on the matter. Hello Amilia.

Hi Peter. 

Can you explain what you sow to the listeners please Amilia. 

Well, I was there hanging out my washing, as usual,  and I saw it flying there just above me about two feet. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It had a beautiful clear see-through wight horn and a silk white coat. Also it had hooves the colour of melting chocolate. But it’s main and tail were the nicest of all. It was like a rainbow. It included red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. It was beautiful.

That is it  for today’s guys but don’t go anywhere. We have more exciting news coming up next.  


Chapter one – The Beginning

It had been a long time since the Great Battle of Bork was fought, yet trouble was beginning to stir once again…

At last, Buckle, Belt and Loop descended down the hill while watching the small village of Bork fade into the distnace. It was time.

Early that morning a ragged owl had swept over bork and landed gracefully on Buckle’s back before dropping a tiny piece of parchment on the floor and swooping away agian. Buckle, Belt and Loop huddled round the piece of parchment with a terrified look written accross their faces. There were no wordes on the parchment, just a symbol. A dangerous sybol. A black infinity sign with a large red X was written on it, in – what looked like – berry juice. That only meant one thing… Mort (a bloodhound who battled Bork in late 17th century) was back and nobody was safe. They had to make it to Mort before Mort made it to them, it looked like he already had a head start though. There was a famous legend of where Mort lived, no knew it was true but it was all the information they had. Nobody even knew what Mort looked like.

Now, it’s all up to these three. Buckle, who was a small, beige rabbit with big, floppy ears and scruffy fur, held an ancient map in front of them. On the map there was a complicated route that would take them through the most dangerous parts of the island. Belt, a tall rabbit with jet-black fur, large feet and glistening amber eyes, lit a large lantern as they sun fell behind the mountain. Loop, a brainy, white rabbit, studied the map carefully. It would take them days to complete the journey. They had to cross the huge River Stone, climb  Mount Rough, scramble through dense forests and pass… Freaky Fogs… The trail on the map came to an abrupt stop just before the Freaky Fogs (the most dreaded place which is feared by everyone on the island of Borstonn). The rabbits glanced at one another but didn’t say anything.

Clutching the ancient map, they continued their journey. Loop trailed behind them, searching for anything that could be used for self-defence. Clinging in a tight bundle, they crossed the rope bridge that took them from one side of the River stone to the other. The travelling was long and painful and in no time at all their stomachs were rumbling and their eyes were drooping. Everyone was freezing and wishing that they were back in Bork, huddling round a fire and eating fresh stew. As they came into a forest Belt colapsed into a large pile of leaves and begged them to rest here. It did not take much begging.

For dinner they ate berries off a nearby bush and plucked other fruits from trees. Loop handed out sausages and slices of bread as Buckle lit a fire in the center of a circle of tree stumps. After an eventful day, they were all exhausted so as soon as they had eaten, they fell right asleep.

As Buckle drifted in and out of sleep, his mind swirled with thoughts, questions and dreams. What if they never found Mort? What is he was already at Bork and attacking his home? A tear slid out the corner of his eye as, once again, he fell asleep.

How to care for a baby dragon

Baby dragon, does this sound familiar? Have you just been given one of these amazing creatures to take care of? Are you confused on how to take fantastic care of this fabulous creature? Do not  fear. Read these simple and important instructions and you will be on your way to becoming a perfect dragon carer.

What you need: living quarters, a soft bed, shade with a little sun, water bowl, food bowl (hay or dog food), plenty of kindness.

What to do:

First, create an enclosed space where your pet will feel safe and will be away from danger.

Next, provide a soft bed for your dragon to sleep on and it has to be a shaded area else it will not be happy and it will try to run away.  

Then, kindly talk to the dragon, maybe give it a name, and stroke the dragon gently because this will calm them.

Also, provide the dragon with food (hay or dog food) and water regularly if you want a healthy baby dragon.

After that exercise your pet daily to keep it fit and strong, however make sure that there are no other animals around else the dragon is likely to try and protect you the reason for this is it will form a strong bond with you.

Later on, remember to make time to play with your dragon or else it will feel neglected.

Next, put the radio on when you are at work or at school so it does not feel lonely.

Dragons make great pets but they will soon grow out of control and so will be too big for your house because it wants to see the world. So when this time comes don’t feel sad. If you are lucky enough it might come back on a visit. They are ready to leave within three years. You will need to take  your dragon  far away in a secluded space like a forest. Place your dragon down  and start walking away, if it is following you. You will see that it is not ready to leave you just yet.



How to look after a baby bear

Have you been given a baby bear to look after? Are you considering how to make this small creature warm and welcome? Don’t fear. Read these simple instructions to enjoy observing your cub learn and develop.

What you will need:

  • Honeycomb – as a treat and to keep glucose levels stable
  • Puffy blanket/ duvet – to keep the cub warm and comfortable
  • Water bowl – to keep the cub hydrated
  • Leaves – as cubs live in the forest
  • An enclosed space – to keep the cub safe
  • Shade – as some bears/ cubs live in caves and to protect from getting burnt
  • All natural food – to stay full so it doesn’t starve

What to do:

First, create an enclosed space for your cub to stay safe inside.

Next, lay out a thick blanket/ duvet on the bottom of an enclosed space.

Then, spread out some leaves on top of the blanket.

After that, provide a water and food bowl and top up the food and water regularly.

Now, make sure to make time to play with your cub otherwise it will feel lonely and will not connect will you. Make sure to have some honeycomb on hand as it is a tasty treat for your cub.

At some time you will need to set your baby free as it will outgrow your house.


How to look after a lizard

First, get a glass Vivarium and decorate it with sawdust and make sure you get a light set up so your lizard doesn’t get scared and it keeps it warm.

Next, put your lizard in your Vivarium so he doesn’t escape.

Then, put some food and drink in your Vivarium so your lizard doesn’t starve

After That, put some toys in the Vivarium so your lizard doesn’t die of boredom (I recommend giving it a shaky ball.

Finally take your lizard  on a walk if it gets aggressive.

How to look after a baby snail

If you want to make your snail grow big and look after them then I recommend you to read these fantastic steps and you will be fine.

what you need:

  • vivarium tank
  • moist soil
  • lettuce,leaves and cucumber
  • small water tub

water can (to water it down)

first,place your vivarium in a shady spot because if it’s in the sun then it will over heat and become very ill next,lay some moist soil on the bottom of the vivarium because it will not feel nice on the bottom of their skin on the glass

after that,place your small water tub in one of the corners of the vivarium for it to drink and if it doesn’t then it will be dehydrated and will, unfortunately, die because of the issue

finally,scatter some lettuce,cucumber and leaves around the vivarium.

then if you have followed these steps then you will have a lovely big snail.

how to look after a Pikachu

If you have caught a Pikachu you will need to treat it nicely and train it.Here’s how:

first,make sure your room is clean.

next,have potions to heal it.

after,teach it lots of moves.

last thing,feed it and give it space.

Breaking news! – Leviathan spotted at San Francisco!

Good evening. You are watching the six o’clock news with Marla Williams.

We are interrupting this programme with breaking news. A Leviathan has been spotted off the coast of San Francisco. This creature has been talked about since the beginning of mankind and has also been mentioned in the Bible. Descriptions of this monster vary according to each sighting, but all of the witnesses agree on it being incredibly large. Some say it looks like a whale with a huge oval body, whilst others describe it as an evil dragon with large claws, sharp teeth and glowing eyes. It has a double row of scales which are impenetrable to swords or harpoons. It can breathe both fire and smoke and it’s said to boil the sea around it. Legend has it that God created two Leviathans, a male and female. The female had passed over seven centuries ago, meaning that the male was the one spotted earlier today.

A minority of the people that witnessed it called in to the police which was when the head of the sea researchers lab stepped in to put these poor people at ease. He said “ We should all stay calm as the frequency levels coming from our microphones determine to us that it is weak as it has been living for a very long time. Until it has died, we should stay away from the ocean until we have further information.”


Please stay tuned for more information later on this evening.


Cloud unicorns

The cloud unicorns, which are a rare type of horned horse, are found near or above a mountain or hill.  The cloud unicorn turns transparent but only when it has built up enough ice crystals. The ice crystals, which lay on the surface of a cloud unicorn’s fur, acts as a transparent bubble that shields the unicorn from harmful things such as gasses, carbon dioxide, and the sun which can unsettle and possibly burn cloud unicorns.

The cloud unicorn’s fur is all white with an iridescent mane that sparkles in the twilight moon. Its hooves, which are at the bottom of the cloud unicorn’s fluffy legs, have been known to be the softest ivory of all time. The cloud unicorn uses this ability to stay under the radar and make the least noise possible so that nothing can hear them as they gallop up to the top of the highest hill or mountain in close proximity. Usually, cloud unicorns would create a sort of crystal castle upon the top of the hill or mountain to have as their home. When a cloud unicorn sheds from the leftover ice crystal barrier (spoken about earlier), it creates these amazing ice sculptures, which later on turn to water. The water from the ice is then used for the cloud unicorn to drink to stay alive, as it cannot float all of the way back down to a lake/pond to drink from. As it may seem to you that cloud unicorns ‘fly’ in fact, cloud unicorns float, but only when they have gotten light enough to do so.


To stay light enough to float, the cloud unicorn has a diet of eating candy floss leftover from carnivals or fairs. The cloud unicorn in actual fact dislikes and ignores digestive biscuits, which many people may very well disagree with. The cloud unicorn will most certainly ignore eating any leaves but will eat them in a dangerous matter such as a life-threatening situation.


The cloud unicorn’s behavior is quite unusual, as it can be quite vicious. Cloud unicorns can defend themselves very well as their long legs can act as a big defense system. They will only do this if they have to protect their young or other cloud or sky unicorns. Besides the fact that the cloud unicorn can use ice crystals as a protective barrier, the cloud unicorn also has the ability to keep the earth insulated by creating a vast amount of clouds.

This wonderful creature is very rare to see, as recent studies show that the cloud unicorn is highly endangered. If you would like to keep this beautiful creature thriving, be sure to have some candy floss on hand to keep the cloud unicorn comfortable. Just to make the unicorn less frightened, please keep the sight of the unicorn a secret, as it may scare and unsettle the unicorn, and will not be very confident towards humans.

Let’s keep these creatures safe for future generations!


The fire Pegasus

 The fire Pegasi which is a legendary  type of mythical beasts. It lives near volcanos . Every Saturday and Sunday, they gather round the volcano for a feast. People try to find out as much as possible. However not much is known about this lovely creature.

Do you think you will be able to catch a glimpse of a fire Pegasi? Like most Pegasi the fire Pegasi has a flowing mane made out of fire, a firey tail and incredibly strong wings. Amazingly , they have a firey horn which lets out steam. This cool creature has the ability to fly faster than light, make an earthquake of lava and light the sky full of lightning and fire. Generally they are made out of fire there weakness is water because it puts out 

The fire Pegasi has to be close to each other because they they will stay warmer together. They make there nests out of loose mane and feathers. They like bathing in hot lava.
to relax they gather gemstones and eat them while in a pool of lava. There treasures are amethysts. Adults like fly in the sky doing acrobatics. They are very protective and sense who’s good to be their owner. Fire Pegasi usually get mistaken for their BFFs the fire unicorns.

Many people believe that the fire Pegasi destroys the badness but this is yet to be proven. You have to get chosen by them to ride or care for them.