Cloud unicorns

The cloud unicorns, which are a rare type of horned horse, are found near or above a mountain or hill.  The cloud unicorn turns transparent but only when it has built up enough ice crystals. The ice crystals, which lay on the surface of a cloud unicorn’s fur, acts as a transparent bubble that shields the unicorn from harmful things such as gasses, carbon dioxide, and the sun which can unsettle and possibly burn cloud unicorns.

The cloud unicorn’s fur is all white with an iridescent mane that sparkles in the twilight moon. Its hooves, which are at the bottom of the cloud unicorn’s fluffy legs, have been known to be the softest ivory of all time. The cloud unicorn uses this ability to stay under the radar and make the least noise possible so that nothing can hear them as they gallop up to the top of the highest hill or mountain in close proximity. Usually, cloud unicorns would create a sort of crystal castle upon the top of the hill or mountain to have as their home. When a cloud unicorn sheds from the leftover ice crystal barrier (spoken about earlier), it creates these amazing ice sculptures, which later on turn to water. The water from the ice is then used for the cloud unicorn to drink to stay alive, as it cannot float all of the way back down to a lake/pond to drink from. As it may seem to you that cloud unicorns ‘fly’ in fact, cloud unicorns float, but only when they have gotten light enough to do so.


To stay light enough to float, the cloud unicorn has a diet of eating candy floss leftover from carnivals or fairs. The cloud unicorn in actual fact dislikes and ignores digestive biscuits, which many people may very well disagree with. The cloud unicorn will most certainly ignore eating any leaves but will eat them in a dangerous matter such as a life-threatening situation.


The cloud unicorn’s behavior is quite unusual, as it can be quite vicious. Cloud unicorns can defend themselves very well as their long legs can act as a big defense system. They will only do this if they have to protect their young or other cloud or sky unicorns. Besides the fact that the cloud unicorn can use ice crystals as a protective barrier, the cloud unicorn also has the ability to keep the earth insulated by creating a vast amount of clouds.

This wonderful creature is very rare to see, as recent studies show that the cloud unicorn is highly endangered. If you would like to keep this beautiful creature thriving, be sure to have some candy floss on hand to keep the cloud unicorn comfortable. Just to make the unicorn less frightened, please keep the sight of the unicorn a secret, as it may scare and unsettle the unicorn, and will not be very confident towards humans.

Let’s keep these creatures safe for future generations!


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