The Frost Unicorn

The Frost Unicorn, which has healing powers, is a very rare species of unicorn. It is thought that throughout lockdown the Frost Unicorns have become braver and are now venturing outside their habitats, as there was no one to uncover the snow from their homes. Every other Monday, there is a hunt to see if scientists can find out more about these magical, majestic, wild animals because not much is known about the Frost Unicorns.

If you wanted to find one of these rare, endangered unicorns you would have to travel to the summit of Mount Everest, but you need to be careful where you step because you could be destroying their snowy habitats. The Frost Unicorns are very shy, so they’ve hidden the entrance to their world in the snow. Behind that door is a Frost Unicorn’s paradise. Interestingly, this secret chamber has all the fun that they would ever need. Here are three of the amazements you would find: an ice-skating rink; a 5-foot-high jump so the babies can practise flying and a million ice caves filled with crystals, diamonds, and sapphires. Unfortunately, with all this fun they must share this with the Snow Pegasus, and they don’t like that at all.

The Frost Unicorn’s appearance is so dazzling that when you look at them, you are instantly blinded by beauty. They have a lovely long icicle mane that looks like it is waving at you when it’s windy, a long flowing tail and if you look at it closely it looks as though it’s made from soft, sparkly pieces of misty-grey velvet. Their hooves have four white painted pebbles in a circle formation with delicate crystals placed inside them. They also have amazingly silky-smooth, pristine feather wings with icicles positioned on the outline. The most astonishing part is that they have intricate snowflakes imprinted on their body to help them camouflage into the snowy sky when scared.

A Frost Unicorn’s diet is a mixture of ice-covered birds and frozen fish such as Cod and Salmon. Surprisingly, male unicorns go down to the sea to find enough food for their herd to show that they are worthy of a female mate. Once the food has been collected it would go into storage until it has rotted and gone mouldy. Once in a while, as a special treat, Frost Unicorns eat sugar cubes because they are the most loved food they are allowed to eat. The problem is that sugar cubes are scarce on Mount Everest because they are kept in houses in villages.

The Frost Unicorn’s behaviour is very complex. One moment they can be humorous, timid, friendly, or gentle but before you know it, they are unpleasant because their home is being destroyed so they don’t know who to trust. If they saw another unicorn that was looking like they need help the Frost Unicorns will help them with their problems.  The only behaviour that stays the same is vanity. All Frost Unicorns care about how they look and what other unicorns think of them.

Perhaps the minority of us will think of the mistakes we’ve made towards the Frost Unicorns and change them.

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  1. What a fabulous description of the Frost Unicorn

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