The Electrifying Unicorn

The Electrifying Unicorn

Deep beneath the dark, cold stone caves, large almost magical looking creatures can be found. One look in their eyes and you could be mystified by their magnificent beauty. Waving, gleaming luxurious mains and what looks like a soft coat on a horse like structure would leave anyone wanting to know more about this creature.

This creature can usually be found in large rocky caves. Every Friday unicornologists come and investigate for more information on this species  and to try and uncover new discoveries. This new evidence comes at a price because if they come into contact with these animals they can face a deadly end. Unicorns in their own habitats can be the deadliest of all. In amongst the dark caves, they look like a gleam of light beaming through. Enticing to any scientist.

Unicorns have a shiny white coat and although may look intriguing individuals must be careful because they are rather fierce and protective of their surroundings. Their hooves sound like armoured steel as they move with such elegance through the woods and forests to get to their caves. You will not find a human companion as these animals roam free with such independence and grace.

The unicorns eat wild sting berries which are purple in colour and sweet on the tongue. Alongside this they like to devour all types of nettles. They drink water specifically from flowing fountains and raging rivers but like to lick the cave crystals to give themselves extra minerals.

Unicorns love to spend their days training their young to be prepared for the outside world and what is beyond their natural habitat; they venture further afield to do this. They move with agility and poise as they can sprint at speed or gracefully canter at a gentle pace.

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