The Military Unicorn

The Military Unicorn was an alien creature found on Mars by a Rover called The One.
In appearance, it had a green-like colour. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, handed it to the USA government. Since the USA is addicted to world power and oil, they turned this into an oil war machine.

Firstly, they put a United States 2002 Bailey machine gun attachable to its horn, strapping assault rifles to its legs and can drop grenades out of its nose, and then they put titanium around its body.
Obviously, for legal reasons, it is extremely lightweight and all the gear can be attachable and detachable within 2-3 minutes. Furthermore, the equipment runs on oil.


The unicorn is now called the Uni-Power. It lives in a massive box about 123 m in width and 244 m in length and has a decorated background of the landscape of Mars. The Government has told their own company NASA. Now NASA and SpaceX are working together and are researching this mythical creature and its habitat to make it feel at home. Every year, it is sent back to Mars with a tracking device on it for 10 weeks to say hello to friends.


As I sadly forgot to mention, when Uni-Power was in Area 51, they took a look at its appearance.
It had green eyes, a black nose, a mane that looked like spaghetti, long brown limbs, its torso was a range of dark colours and its horn was surprisingly PINK!

Unfortunately, on Tuesday, 26th of December 2000, it was on its way back to Mars, since there was no use for it anymore, as soon as the spaceship landed it blew up. Since there is no gravity, the explosion was not as bad as if it had happened on earth. The scientists don’t know if it is alive or dead.

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