The fire Pegasus

 The fire Pegasi which is a legendary  type of mythical beasts. It lives near volcanos . Every Saturday and Sunday, they gather round the volcano for a feast. People try to find out as much as possible. However not much is known about this lovely creature.

Do you think you will be able to catch a glimpse of a fire Pegasi? Like most Pegasi the fire Pegasi has a flowing mane made out of fire, a firey tail and incredibly strong wings. Amazingly , they have a firey horn which lets out steam. This cool creature has the ability to fly faster than light, make an earthquake of lava and light the sky full of lightning and fire. Generally they are made out of fire there weakness is water because it puts out 

The fire Pegasi has to be close to each other because they they will stay warmer together. They make there nests out of loose mane and feathers. They like bathing in hot lava.
to relax they gather gemstones and eat them while in a pool of lava. There treasures are amethysts. Adults like fly in the sky doing acrobatics. They are very protective and sense who’s good to be their owner. Fire Pegasi usually get mistaken for their BFFs the fire unicorns.

Many people believe that the fire Pegasi destroys the badness but this is yet to be proven. You have to get chosen by them to ride or care for them.







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  1. I like how you h e put a lot of detail in your whole story and your animal the Pegasi is very well described well done

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