The imagination island in jeopardy?

The imagination island in jeopardy ? 

 Are own  island  in raging danger . We need to find a way to stop this crime , can you help us to achieve a happy and healthy peace of land again ? What will you do to save this land , creatures ,  lives and the factories that  produced incredible substances that you can not find anywhere els . Please take a sliver of your time to read about this horrible crime .

One of are problems is extinction for are fascinating animals , scutch as  the mini elephant , the rainbow frog , the brown leopard and much more . They are being vigilantly poached and snatched at the dead of night , without a trace . Although,  that’s not are only problem , plastic pollution is suffocating are earth and making a layer of plastic and rubbish all over the imagination island , lives are being lost in the water .

Do you know all the species and habits that are in danger .Climate change . This is are mane frustrating problem , because of intense heat Taking over and wrecking innocent homes . Sadly , we are trying to make a change but we can not do it as one . Please help us , because we are changing lives .

How can you help ? All those sad lives being poached , all the pollution in are air . Please visit are website and come to are protest on Saturday, every little thing helps when put together.thank you xx

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