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I have never…..

I’ve never seen a lion…

But I’ve seen an orange cat with black stripes…


Ive never flew into the galaxy…

but I’ve a galaxy bar…


Ive never seen a T-Rex..

but I’ve seen my brother…



I’ve never seen

I have never read Shakespeare

but I have been to Stratford

I have never  seen  Hetty Feather

But I  have done chores like her

I have never  Met Hermione Granger

but I have watched her.






Bob wandered around a dark room the piano started playing, Bob turned around and screamed.He was horrified a doll was playing the piano suddenly the lights went out but then Bob felt something sharp touch his neck.The lights where on again though the doll was going to kill him then he grabbed the doll and threw him away but the doll appeared next to the door and giggled and said you cannot escape me! What could he do?