Amy and Charlotte #


As the wind moves like the majestic sea

The trees sway like the river down the stream

The flowers are brightened when the sun comes out

The light is as bright as the sun

The moon shines like a silver ball

The grass sways as the wind howls

The leaves move as slowly as a snail

As the field sway in the light of the moon

Roots tangle like a bowl of noodles

I think nature is beyond beautiful in every way

One Response to “Amy and Charlotte #”

  1. Esmee and Rowan October 1, 2020 at 10:37 am

    1.We think your way of writing was amazing.
    2.Could you include less of the word “The”?
    3.Try and improve some vocabulary.
    Otherwise, your poem was fantastic,
    from Esmee and Rowan.

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