Harry’s wand

You are the magic in Harry potter’s wand,

You are the magic, defeating Voldemort,

You are the hope in Harry’s head,

You are the defeat in Voldemort’s body,

You are the knowledge in Hermione granger,
and the braveness in Ron weasly.

I am the darkness in Professor Snape,

I am the loyalty in Dobby the elf ,

I am the power in the Elder wand,

I am the Curse in Avada Kedavra.

I am the fate in Dumbledore’s death,
and the joyness in the wizarding world.

8 Responses to “Harry’s wand”

  1. I really like Harry Potter too. This blog is full of great adjectives.

  2. I really like your poem because it is an amazing idea.

  3. I LOVE Harry Potter too!!
    I love your poem and you have a great use of adjectives and vocabulary

  4. I really like this because there’s adjectives and I love Harry Potter movies and books as well.

  5. I love Harry Potter it’s my favourite thing your poem is amazing I love you’re adjectives well done

  6. I really love Harry Potter, I am on the 4th book right now! You also have a great use of adjectives

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