the goods and bads

You are an Autumn leave waiting to fall ,

and be picked up and taken home ,

for a child’s picture .


You are Christmas

with presents spreading

joy and cheer .


You are a deflated balloon,

Sadly waiting for someone to fill me up again.



You are a baby robin that fell out of its nest

into a cloud of snow waiting to be rescued .


You are  are a lonely boy

waiting for a new friend.


One Response to “the goods and bads”

  1. Hi,
    We love your work but we have a couple of ideas to improve it.
    1) Maybe you could add more information to the short paragraphs?
    2) We liked the ‘ Autumn leaf waiting to fall’ sentence.
    3) Where could the lonely boy be?
    Altogether good job on this poem.
    From Thandi and Ava- SMP

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