What Are You?

You are a dangerous, daring dodgem smashing and bashing into others, like a hungry crow fighting over a seed.

You are the friendly frisbee flying through the sky like a soaring eagle catching it’s pray.

You are a brilliant, blue balloon, bobbing up and down in the fresh autumn morning breeze.

You are the smell of a sweet, round, juicy orange hidden in the english teacher’s denim jacket pocket, for break time.

You are the taste of freshly picked strawberries, getting dipped into creamy, delicious melted milk chocolate.

You are the touch of  the snowflakes landing on your cheeks, while lying on the snow, making a snow angle.

You are the joyfulness of a kids exciting birthday party, with a big, creamy cake.

You are the impossibility of pebbles, so soft they could be made into a bed and pillow.

You are the end.

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