You are….

You are a  miniature giraffe trying to make his way up to the large ancient tree with juicy leafs.

You are the smell of freshly cut grass on a drizzly wet day in the summer.

You are the distance between the sun and the moon rotating around the earth.

You are Evolution ready to catch the next species of animal.

You are as cold as an ice bath outside a snowy winters morning.

You are the sound of a busy classroom on the last day of school.

You are the sight of a sunflower grinning as the first snowflake coming down.

You are the touch of a bath bomb exploding in your grasp.

You are the taste of a steaming hot sausage on a Sunday morning.

You are DNA winding around the body confused about your personality.

You are a freshly cut rose separated from your family.

One Response to “You are….”

  1. You’ve linked our current learning (Evolution) to this poem which is great. The ‘busy classroom on the last day of school’ really resonated with me. A lot of your ideas I have experienced and your descriptions take me back to those experiences.

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