You are…

You are a monkey dangling on the tree.

You are as white as the clouds floating by like a fluffy spaceship.

You are the smell as a dump of chicken poo.

You are so squeaky like peppa pig sliding down a lever sofa.

You are as thin as a pencil.

You are as a hot as the oven door when I walk past it on a winters day.

You are as yellow as a bright sunflower shining in the sun.

You are as taste galaxy chocolate.

You are the touch as a bath bomb fizzing against ur skin.

You are as bony as a chicken leg getting thrown in the bin at KFC.

You are as spikey as a hedgehog.

You are a summers day melting on my finger tips.

You are a spider crawling up my back.

3 Responses to “You are…”

  1. I like that you have stayed away from cliches and invented your own original similes.

  2. I like the bit you are a summers day melting on my fingertips, great work!! Keep it up

  3. You really set a picture in my mind.SUPER
    On the last line maybe you could add an adverb and some more adjectives.

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